Sunday Inspiration

Today, Joel Osteen spoke about something called “heavy favor”.  Heavy favor is simply the belief in your calling from God.  Osteen told a story about Elisha.  This was when the Israelites were invading the Northen Kingdom of Israel and they wanted to capture Elisha because he was a prophet that spread God’s Word.  They approach a house and knocked on the door.  Elisha himself said that the guy they were looking for was elsewhere.

I’m not insisting that you go lie to a stranger, but here’s my interpretation of the story.  Elisha knew that God’s plan for him was not for him to go to exhile.  He knew that his prophecy would continue-that was inevitable.  So I took it that your life is planned for you and now you should follow that path.  You might have screwed up, but you can straighten yourself out.  Life is long because you’ll make wrong twists and turns, but you have many more years to get on the right path.

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