Reflection on my Therapeutic Past

You know, I have been pondering this question a long time. What was my favorite rehabilitation facility growing up? You know, I was in a lot of different rehabilitation facilities and they all did me a lot of good. I did Camp Jawonio and that was fun. But I really liked my therapeutic riding center, my therapists in Westchester and my rehabilitation hospital. They really helped me a lot. And, of course, I really must thank all of my early therapists that gave me a leap in life. They put me on life’s right path and I am grateful for that.

I must also thank my grandparents and family for pushing me to do my best. Without them, I would probably be wheelchair-bound. And now, I am trying to graduate St. Thomas Acquinas College, get a plan for the next few semesters and move to be on my own. Of course, it won’t come together overnight, but I’m just getting together an itinerary for myself. I will keep you posted as to how things go.

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