heather and friendMy hobbies are fishing, horseback riding, swimming, reading and writing. I’ve been doing all of these things since I was younger. I started horseback riding when I was about six years old at my birthday party. I took up lessons after that. I’ve been writing and fishing early in elementary school. My grandfather got me into fishing when I was about eight.

My writing started in first grade when I came in third for a reflections contest. From there I continued writing. I write a large range of stuff from poems to stories. One day, I would love to write a few books. I became a fan of swimming in sixth grade. Up until then, I was afraid of the water. However, my gym teacher helped me break that fear. I would love to further my swimming skills one day.

I love to read mysteries, romance and historic novels. I sometimes use text-to-speech software to read because I need help concentrating with my movements. I have used on-line textbooks to read for school. I also read poetry. One of my favorite poets is Robert Frost.

I also love to get lost in my music. I love to listen to wide variations of country-western, Celtic, calypso, folk and sometimes classical music. I love to find songs that match my mood. I don’t necessarily like hard music. That is just my preference. Nobody influenced that choice. It’s just who I chose to be.