Hidden Frustrations

Sorry for not blogging in a week.  I wasn’t feeling good.  Anyway, today Joel Osteen delivered a sermon about hidden frustrations.  He said that a hidden frustration was something that has been irritating you for some time, almost like a grudge.  I’ll share one of my most recent hidden frustrations.  My grandfather wasn’t here to help me buy my grandmother a Valentine’s Day gift and I knew that the day was coming, but it didn’t occur to me that I had nothing for her until the night before.  I asked my uncle to get her flowers and a card from the store.  He did, and I gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely card.

You can’t hold grudges forever.  Believe me, I’ve held grudges and it doesn’t work.  I eventually let the grudges, but I had to learn to forgive and forget.  I wanted God to forgive me for my grudge and so, I had to learn how to let go of that grudge.  If you don’t forgive others, God won’t forgive you for the grudge.  So let go of your grudge and let the sun shine in.

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