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A Website to Share and a Speech to Give

OK guys. This is a two-part blog. In the first part, I have a website to share and then, I want to talk about a speech I’m giving tomorrow. Sound good?

Alright, let’s go…


Part A. A website to share.

So, one of my readers asked me to share this website with you: It’s a guide to make your home more handicapped accessible. I always like to share these. My grandfather did some home modification work, and a lot of construction. So whenever I get one of these, I think of him.


Part B. A Speech to Give

Tomorrow, I’m giving a talk to fifth grade class about inspirational people. They read a book called Out of My Mind. It was about how a girl with an AAC device has a photographic memory. They found my blog and asked me to come speak to their 5th grade class.

I’m excited to do this. I don’t know how good I am with kids. I think this will be a learning experience for me and I hope it’s a good one.

Bickering About Low Pay Rates for Aides

You know, I think I went off on this before, but I wanted to blog about it again. Why are aides, people that assist the disabled, elderly and sick, getting paid close to minimum wage? We’re talking about people that help people with daily needs. Aging family members that need help.

This might be one of the reasons why Self Direction is growing so rapidly. The participant can adjust the pay rate. No more minimum wage. It could also be that participants are getting more assistance.

I encourage two things: a) More people to get onto Self Direction, and b) More aides to get on these budgets. I predict that if those two things get done, there will be more aides. It’ll be easier to find assistance too for the young and the old.