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Advice for Apartment Hunting

I am facing one of the most difficult stages in young adulthood…. Finding a place to live.  It is NOT easy.  I thought that I had limited options with one facility until I found out that I had multiple options with facilities and living arrangements.  I could choose from a group home or an apartment.  At first, I was going to pick group home because there would be more help.  But I visited some and I thought about it.  I really don’t do well in groups and I want to challenge myself.  So now I decided on the apartment option.

I will keep you updated on my progress.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everybody.  I’m sorry.  December was a hectic month between getting ready for Christmas and, well, let’s say, facility hunting.

Is this college grad working?  Not exactly.  I’m thinking about getting a job, but right now, I want to get a volunteer job in my town.  Setting up an actual paying job in the disability world is different than the average employee.  On top of that, the idea of making as much money as you want gets screwed over if you’re already on social security checks.  I’m putting the job hunt off for that reason.  And I need more work experience before really considering a job.

But, managing Self Direction is a job in that I have to manage comm hab hours every week, making sure the day’s activity is weather appropriate and knowing when your aide can or cannot work.  Where I live, winter can get frigid.  But it’s fun.

I hope you have a Happy New Year.