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How I Started Writing

Have I ever told you how I started writing?

I was in first grade and I was entered into the annual Reflections contest.  I wrote about my dreams and aspirations for the future.  The poem was called “The Jump”.  I wrote the poem, and then, I didn’t know how to title a piece of work, so I picked a thing that I wish I could do and stuck it in the title.  I surprisingly won third place for it.

I did Reflections for, I think, two more years.  I couldn’t come up with anymore ideas for that so I stopped.  And then, I was on the school newspaper in high school..  I did that on and off for three years.  And then, my therapist’s husband offered me this weblog opportunity in senior year.  At first, I didn’t want it.  I was going through a time that I didn’t want to be bothered with my peers in school.  I had lost contact with my main circle of friends that graduated a year before me.  So I felt lost and I didn’t want to be bothered with a lot of outside interaction.

I am so happy that I did followed through with my weblog.  I may go through quiet periods, but when I think about issue after issue that I feel needs to be discussed, that is when I enjoy blogging.  I hope that I can leave a legacy with this blog.  I feel that a lot of millennials have lost sight of what it means to leave a legacy.  People nowadays expect everything to be given to them.  I, on the other hand, want to leave a legacy.  Years after I am unable to blog anymore, I hope that my weblog is found.  I hope that people see that I advocated for disability rights and tried to set the record straight.  I will do more blogs on special education as I feel that that is one area of our school system needs improvement.  And I am having a writer’s block with my book.  Blogging, right now, is my focus and my passion.

I hope to do some good with my blog.

How It Feels Not To Be In School

Without getting into it, not being in school feels like a relief.  Sure, I miss my friends and I particularly miss St. Thomas Aquinas College, but my September has been a restful one.  I have been getting out with my aide a lot as well as catching up on reading.  The school system is going down hill and I can’t tell you how aggravated it makes me feel that young people are being brainwashed.

Read a few blogs back about my high school service coordinator grading me when she couldn’t.  That was taking advantage of me, and it’s the same thing in public college, but on a grander scale.  The professors are taking advantage of undeveloped minds and unifying their thinking to embarrass American history and erase something called independent thought.  They are saying that America’s start and the way that we ran it was wrong and it needs to change.

That, to me, is not education.  That is lying and brainwashing.  I went through it and I am happy that it’s over.  Now I can collect myself and get myself ready to start a career with my own thoughts, feelings and ideas.


Would I go through college again?  Not unless I did it online and absolutely needed a career change.  Only if the career change was a dire emergency would I go back to school.  Teachers are supposed to teach without bias and they are not doing that.  I’m sorry if I offended anyone with this post, but I just wanted to say how I feel not being in school.

A Poem For Today

Here is a poem that I wrote as it is the unofficial end of summer and autumn slips in.


Hello, Autumn


It is a time to rest,

Draw up the summer things.

The branch overlooking my roof

Drops acorn. They couldn’t hold on

Any longer. But I can’t rest. The farm

Opens tomorrow.


I walk out to the corn field and put a scarecrow

Near the fence. I clench my burnt orange sweater

Shut as the wind starts to blow furiously. I get the

Corn maze ready for the children to scamper around



A storm is coming. I must check the pumpkin patch

For the farm opens tomorrow. I water them and pick

One to put by the scarecrow.


Dusk is coming and I should go in. A hot summer

Comes to an end. The wind brings a chill that’s

Here to stay. As I sit down with my family to a

Chicken and dumpling dinner, we hold hands and

Say, “Hello, autumn.”