Archive | July 2018

Never Assume

I am very guilty of assuming things.  We all are.  I tell people a lot not to assume things and I still do.  I gather it’s a part of human nature.

I am starting to explore housing options here and there.  One thing that I automatically ruled out without any education of what it was was a group home.  For me, the term group home was a big place with inadequate care of hundreds of people.  Well, I went to visit the one my aide works at and I was completely wrong.

A group home is a regular home with people that have a similar disability live together.  This one was a group of people with Down’s syndrome.  They were a sweet group, I must say..  Now I am wondering if this type of living system would be beneficial for me.  I know that I wouldn’t have as much freedom that I would in an apartment, but with a movement disorder, I may meet people in a similar situation that could help me cope with mine…  Just a thought.  I’m not getting a place yet; just exploring options.

A New Swimmer

I am taking a swimming class at the YMCA this summer.  I’m a little nervous to start because I have struggled with swimming lessons before, but now that I’m older, I’m interested in going to develop my coordination and improve my swimming skills.  And I have been wanting to get lessons before, but the membership was too much.  So, now that I have Self Direction, they will pay for the membership.  I am so excited to start.

I will have an update with how it goes.  I will be doing two sports soon; swimming and horseback riding.  The fact that more and more people with disabilities can participate in sports is amazing.  I’m personally interested in the water sports, but I wonder what kind of adaptive sports will come out in the future.  This increase in adaptive sports will hopefully encourage people to work on themselves physically, emotionally and mentally.