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My Fears

OK I had to post something because I have been so busy with running Self Direction and nothing big has happened, so I decided to do a random post.

OK, here we go.


I’m scared of…

Clowns. I’ve always been scared of clowns. Years ago, when I was growing up, clowns weren’t a part of Halloween.. It was just your traditional monsters like ghosts, ghouls, vampires, vampire bats, Frankenstein, mummies, pumpkins and jack-o’-lanterns. Now, clowns are a part of Halloween and they are harmful.

Occasionally, nighttime. My fear of nighttime comes and goes. It isn’t an ongoing fear, but it can scare me.

Deep water. I love swimming, but once my feet can’t reach the bottom, I start to panic.

A Horse Poem

June was a quiet month so I decided to post a poem about horses that was carefree and fun today.

A Good Horse Laugh by Marilyn Lott

It looked like an abandoned house
No windows or any doors
Just gapping holes instead
And worn wooden floors

But nestled within the walls
Were friends who lived in there
They moved right in and then
With the facilities they would share

Lucky was one fellow’s name
He was friendly as you please
He had a sense of humor too
And loved to taunt and tease

He coaxed his shy buddy out
And we chatted back and forth
Such charming personalities
I enjoyed this world of horse

Oh yes, it was a pleasant day
Especially the first half
When we visit with our new friends
And had a good horse laugh!

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here Are Some Solutions

A lot of people with Autism and other disorders have problems sleeping.  Surprisingly, disorders like Down’s Syndrome and ADHD can often be related to Sleep Apnea.   I was asked by a reader to share these resources with you about sleep.  I hope that you find these helpful.

Self Direction Launched

So I have officially begun Self Direction.  It’s great.  I have plenty of hours to have an aide.  We’re not limited to what we can do or where we can go.  Also, if a family member is assisting me other than my grandmother, they can get paid through family respite.  I am much happier than I was with regular community hab.

For example, I am going with one of my aides to check out if I can get swimming lessons at the YMCA.  I now have the freedom to go out for an evening or to a play.  I just am love with this service.  I will attach the website so that you can read about it:

I am hoping to promote this to people that may need it.  Please extend this cordial invitation to the service to those in need.


Thank you