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Retirement Housing

Another great suggestion.  Here are links about retirement housing.  Retirement can be hard when it comes to financing a home so here are some links to help deal with that.

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7 Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas That Increase Home Value (And What To Avoid)

How to Deter Burglars: Keeping Potential Robbers Away From Your Home

Officially Done with School

It is truly an honor to say that I am officially done with school.  I have been in college for seven years on top of the thirteen years of grad school and I can officially say that I am done with school.  I would like to thank, first and foremost my grandparents for pushing me to continuing my education; my high school aide and service coordinator for preparing me for college; the ambulette companies for transporting me to and from school, my aide for helping me and, my American history study buddy and now best friend for being there for me.

College was a challenge and there is nobody to tell you what path to take.  It’s like Robert Frost’s poem with the question two paths are divided in the woods.  Which one do you take?  That was me.  In my St. Thomas Aquinas College years, I was like, “Is going to grad school what I really want or is my heart in another major?” And it was.  I went back for the paralegal program and enjoyed it.  It was nice to experience the psychology degree, but it wasn’t for me.  My heart told me from day one to do the paralegal program and I didn’t listen.  I was confused with that and social work.  Long story short; listen to your gut.  Don’t be swayed by influence!  If your gut tells you, “That’s your major”, then that is your major.  If your gut says that it isn’t your cup of tea, it isn’t meant for you.  Right now, I have a gut feeling that I will wind up in a Tort Law Firm.  I want to do Elder Law , but I don’t see any job openings.  Who knows?  Maybe I will wind up in an Elder Law and Probate firm, but if I don’t get it right away, that is OK.


Enough with my rant.  Enjoy the beautiful graduation season with your loved ones.

Learning Disability Website

This is a website sent to me about resources for students with learning disabilities.  You know that I always love a good suggestion.  Here is a good resource whether your child is just starting kindergarten or you’re having trouble getting them the help they need:  I hope it helps.

Last Week of College

This is it.  Last week of college.  Then I go to work.

I am truly honored to say that I survived seven years of college and it wasn’t easy.  From research to tests, from being so confusing as to what I wanted to do to falling in love with the paralegal field, I survived it all.  I would like to thank my family and friends, ACCES-VR, the ambulette companies, my aide and my professors for getting me through the years.  And, of course, the disability services.  Thank you for your support and assistance through the years.

And, of course, Grandpa.  Thank you for your help.  Love you