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Where Is Chivalry?

You know? I have an interesting question for millennials. Why are we so for feminism that we have abandoned chivalry?

Let me put my spin on this. And I am fully aware that I will get backlashed for this, but I want to share it. Here we go…


I was talking to a friend and he drives buses. He was saying that the lack of respect for elders and other people is disgusting. So that got me thinking? If the girls today expect to be so independent, especially in relationships, where does that leave me or other people in wheelchairs? It’s nerve-racking. Think about it. Are we on our way to disrespecting our intimate partners with physical, mental and emotional disabilities? If a guy can’t open a door for a woman, what about a woman in a wheelchair?

This is my downfall. I am a traditionalist. I want a guy to open the door for me, help me into the car. I don’t feel that women nowadays appreciate that. And some guys are even disrespecting women in brutal ways.


I want a guy to take care of me, not disrespect me. I really would like to see this change. Again, I may get backlashed for this, but I’m old-school. I believe that it’s important to bring this back. It’s a topic that, I feel, is very debatable.

A Friend’s Valentine’s Day Poem

All has been quiet for a while and I have been working really hard to finish up my paralegal certificate.  So I decided to post a Valentine’s Day poem.  It’s not directed at anyone.  It’s just a friend poem.  I hope you like it.


Valentine Friend

A Valentine friend is someone you choose
To share your life with you,
Someone who is always there,
Whether you’re happy or blue.

With a Valentine friend, you can be yourself
You don’t need to pretend;
When you’re careful to choose a compatible match,
You create a perfect blend.

With you for my special Valentine friend,
My life is full and bright;
You bring contentment, joy and peace;
You’re my Valentine delight!

By Joanna Fuchs