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Resource Update and College Reflection

So I have another resource for cerebral palsy.  It’s from the Cerebral Palsy Group and they assist people with cerebral palsy, brain injuries or birth injures.  The website is

I am also starting the official last semester of my college career.  As much as I loved college, it is time to get out.  I did seven years of college and it flew.  I enjoyed the mingling before and after class, the helpful faculty and the friends that I have made.  But it is time to move into the work force and experience a real job and build new inner strength. I am beaming with glory that I made through a college career that I had no idea where it would take me.  From wanting to be a schoolteacher to winding up being a paralegal, I don’t regret a single part of it.


Thank you to my family and friends that supported me through college.  I love you.

A Winter Class, Job Offer, Approval for Self Direction and Some Resources

So I took a winter class this break because this one Real Estate Practice class was offered in the spring and it was at night.  So I took it online and I did great.  I wasn’t overwhelmed by the work and I felt that I did great.

I got a job offer as a paralegal in a Real Estate and Contract law.  I e-mailed the job placer back for more information, but I didn’t hear anything back.

I was approved for Self Direction this past Friday.  I was so excited that it came through.  I waited three years to get on it and it came through on Friday.  I have been trying to get the broker set up and that’s going good.  I have been brainstorming what I want on my plan and it’s not a big plan yet, but I think that it will expand.  I was so ecstatic that I was approved.

Finally, a reader suggested a resource that he wanted me to share with you.  It is