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Resources for the Elderly

How is everybody?  I have been busy in between finals and Christmas.

OK, today I have resources for the elderly, sent to me by a reader.  I love getting tips from readers about what to post.  I can then tailor my posts to what the readers need or want to read.  I encourage more people to send me suggestions.

Here we go.
6 Powerful Ways To Help Seniors Avoid Isolation
It can be difficult for seniors to maintain their social lives as they age, especially if they live alone. This is a great resource for supporting them to stay active socially.

Home Modifications Increase Senior Safety
This is a given – it’s important for our elders to make sure their homes are a safe environment.

16 Chair Exercises for Seniors & How to Get Started
This is great – it’s got exercises for people of all abilities, and even includes helpful videos.

9 Essential Mobile Device Apps for Senior Citizens
I appreciate that this explains the kinds of apps seniors should have on their mobile devices rather than listing specific apps (which may or may not stick around).

Building The Ultimate Reading Nook For Your Home: A Guide For Bookworms
My mother loves to read and hosts a monthly book club – she actually referred me to this great resource. (Actually, it’s been a great way for her and my dad to avoid feelings of isolation!)

Self-Direction Seminar

I think that I finally found the right assistance program for me. I am going to sign up for self-direction.

This will be the third assistance program I have tried. I have tried a personal care aide and that was too restrictive because they couldn’t take me out unless I have a car. Then, I tried community hab and that isn’t working because they do a lot of skill-building, a lot of which I know how to do because I was taught growing up.

So I decided to go to self-direction. And self-direction is where I get a broker and a fiscal intermediary. A broker helps write the habilitation plan and the fiscal intermediary helps manage the budget the state will give me for whatever services I need. Trust me, as a planner, I already typed up a rough idea of my ideal plan.

But the meeting was very positive and I think that the third time will be the charm. I have been waiting for this for three years. Now, I am signing up with an ecstatic mind-set and I think that this will be the perfect assistance program for me.