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Halloween Memory

Halloween was always my favorite holiday and now my favorite time of year is October through December. I love the cool, crisp days and the cold nights. I also enjoy if I’m out and I feel a spook in the air. And then, I enjoy November. It’s like we have blustery cold days and nights like an icebox. December gets really frigid in the northeast. It has been mild recently, but it does get freezing.

But I want to talk about the first year Dad, Grandpa and I went to the Forest of Fear. It was brutally cold that year. I was in my wheelchair and we got to the event around seven. This is the ultimate haunted house in Orange County, New York. Or it has become that over the years. There are actors that dress up and scare the visitors throughout the thing.

Halloween has definitely evolved since I grew up. Clowns weren’t a part of Halloween. They were circus entertainment. Nowadays clowns kill.

But now the haunted house has become a father and daughter tradition. This is what I love about Halloween. It’s the American night to get out and have fun. I’m older. I don’t drive, but Halloween is a way for me to go to events and socialize. It doesn’t matter your age. Halloween is fun. Get out and have fun.

Four Enjoyable Autumn Events

In the last two weeks, I have done four enjoyable events for autumn. I did apple picking with Dad, our local apple fest with a friend, the Hudson River Valley’s Great Jack-o-Lantern Blaze in Croton, New York and a fall festival near me.

Apple picking was fun. My father never went so he was excited. It was a hot day but we got the best apples. Grandma gave some to my aunt and uncle. Grandma made two really delicious apple crisps drowned in sugar.

My family and I went to the Great Jack-o-lantern Blaze in Croton, New York. That was amazing and we had the time of our lives. There were over ten thousand jack-o-lanterns carved to make different figures. It was amazing and they arranged the figures by categories. One category was a circus. Another one was a zoo. I hope that we go every year. It was fantastic.

My friend and I went to an apple fest. So Apple Fest is the huge fall festival in the area that I live in. If there was one event that everyone looked forward to in our area each year, it’s Apple Fest. We went and I pet all the dogs. There was one dog that stole my heart. It was a black lab. He just was so gentle with me.

And then, today I went to a street fest with Grandma and a friend. It was so much fun.

All in all, I am enjoying fall. I hope you’re enjoying all the festivals and gatherings too.

Helpful Websites

I got these websites in an e-mail from a reader.  Please share them.  I looked through some of them and they look really useful.


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Disability and Credit Scores
Disability Resources from the Department of Labor
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