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I’m back from a three week vacation and Donna Heather Klippel’s blog is back on a roll. I went to Washington D.C. for three weeks and then I flew to Florida for the first time.


Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. was amazing, but I am a history fan and I like museums. I loved a good tour of the nation’s Capitol. I did pass Capitol Hill, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial on a tour, to name a few. And we also went to the Air and Space museum and the American Indian museum.

The Air and Space Museum was my least favorite, but my friend is into Star Wars so we went there. We saw a lot of old rockets and airplanes and the progressions that they made over time. There was a dedication to the Challenger that exploded. I don’t know too much about outer space so I didn’t understand a lot of that stuff. I understood a lot of the airplane stuff though. I saw the original Kitty Hawk. That was interesting and I saw a lot of past and present airplanes. I even went into the cockpit of a model airplane. After that, we went to eat at the largest McDonald’s in America. It was crazy busy. I had a cheeseburger, the usual. It was so packed.

The American Indian Museum was more of my cup of tea. We started a tour and the guide was talking about wampum, religion and the trade between tribes and the United States. We didn’t stay very long, only an hour. We went back to the tour bus and went to the Lincoln and Washington memorials. What I liked about the tour guides is that they knew the city. Washington is a beautiful city and I wish that we saw more.

Anyway, the Washington monument and the Lincoln memorial were directly across from each other. I couldn’t go up in the Lincoln memorial because the elevator was broke. But the memorials were all in one area and they were so beautiful.


First flight and Florida

First flight to Florida: Grandma, two of our friends and I flew to Florida for a second vacation. We flew with Allegent. We had the same staff coming and going. We went down at night in a storm and came home during the afternoon. I would say that the night flight was easier only because I couldn’t see anything out the windows to scare me. And ascending into the air was pretty easy. It is only the descent that scared me. I am the biggest scaredy cat of heights ever. I felt safe cruising in the sky, but once we started descending, I was praying that we wouldn’t do a nose crash. And we landed safe and sound. I didn’t want to go when we got home from Florida, but after talking it out when a family member, I knew everything was going to be OK.


Florida: I had the time of my life in Florida. I went in the Gulf of Mexico and that water was very warm. It was probably between seventy and eighty degrees. The pull and push of the waves was very soothing. We tried to go to Weeki Watchee, but they were full to capacity so we went to lunch instead. We went to the dog track and gambled. And then, my favorite part of the trip was the boat trip. I wanted to go snorkeling but I couldn’t get on and off the boat. But even though that was a bummer, the best part was seeing the dolphins. I don’t remain having that much fun on vacation like I did this time.

My Confirmation Story

It is a slow time for blogs. So I figured that I would discuss a memory of mine. Let me tell you about my confirmation.

I was turning 18 in April 2011. I had a boyfriend that I thought I was going to marry and have a life with. My cousin was studying to make her confirmation in October of the same year and I hadn’t made mine.

I went to my grandfather and I said, “I want to make my confirmation.”

“Let me find some information out.  You’ll eventually make it.  Relax,” Grandpa said.

I kept asking and asking, “When am I going to make my confirmation? What do I need to study?”

I finally went for my first class and they assigned me some reading to do. I studied it every night for a week. They saw that I wanted this so bad that I was confirmed on April 18, 2011.

I took the name Anne after my beloved neighbor that was very good to me going up. I’m Donna Heather Anne Klippel now.


Persistence is the key to getting what you want. When there is a will, there’s a way.