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My Cousin’s Graduation Dinner

Yesterday was my cousin’s graduation party. It was at a beautiful restaurant in my county on the waterfront. It was like Florida.

Everyone came. The weather went from rainy to sunny within maybe an hour. I loved the waterfront. It was like a boating environment close to home. I tried to go there a few times. It didn’t work out, but I finally got there.

Anyway, she’s off to Binghamton. I can’t believe she is a college student now and in three years all of the Klippel grandchildren will have graduated high school.

Congratulations to my cousin!

My Cousin Graduates

Today my younger cousin graduates high school. She’s graduating from Eleanor Roosevelt High School. I can’t believe that with all that she went through that she is graduating high school.

My cousin will attend SUNY Binghamton. She’s undecided of her major, but I know that that she will be successful in anything she will do. I just wanted to congratulate her.



First Outing With My Aide

It’s official. I started community hab again yesterday. We went to see the movie The Mummy and it was fantastic. It was a remake of an older movie.

We all associate mummies with King Tut and the great pyramids of Egypt. But the story doesn’t end there. Mummies have been found in South America, Mexico, the Alps, Central Asia, the Canary Islands, Northwestern Europe, the Aleutian Islands and Alaska.

This movie was about a mummy of an Egyptian princess, Ahmanet that was found by an archeologist named Nick. Long story short, Ahmanet comes to life as a zombie and is very violent. She’s infatuated with Nick, killing his girlfriend to get him. The only way to stop her and bring the girlfriend back to life is to destroy the crypt.

It was such a good movie. I think that I really clicked with the aide. We got more ideas of things that we would like to do.

It is a good fit.

A Night at the Gala

I am not a night owl, but I had a blast last night. I have always wanted to go to my therapeutic riding center’s gala, but I didn’t have the money to go. Well, this year, that dream came true.

I had the honors of being asked to ride in the demonstration and I said yes. I didn’t have to pay to get in. That was taken care of and I went with my father and his girlfriend. I thought that it was going to be speaker after speaker, but there was music, dancing and fun. I actually was able to talk to my friends that I ride with. When I am on the horse, I don’t get to have two-way conversations with my friends. But last night I got that chance and we actually got to chitchat. I asked my friend if they needed any help, but she just told me to have fun.

But another wish of mine came true last night. I have always wanted to ride a mustang. Now, I usually ride Bob, a dark bay Welsh Cob thoroughbred. Well, last night I rode a mustang named Skunk. He is wider than Bob, but I really enjoyed riding him. Bob couldn’t be ridden because the gala took up three-quarters of the indoor arena and that spooked him. Skunk has less of a fear of that situation so I rode him. I freaked out because I haven’t practiced on Skunk before, but he is a horse that I would love to ride. Everyone loved the demo. I rode in front of 400 people and I got a loud applause after I finished and more applause when I went back to the table.

It was the best evening in a long time.

Pre Gala Blog

I love my life, as what I call, a New York cowgirl. I am not a fan of the heat and humidity, but when I am off from school, I love to ride horses, and this year, I was asked to demonstrate at the Winslow Gala and talk about myself.

How cool is that? They consider me a student there and yet, I’m sometimes asked to volunteer there. I love it. And I have watched the Heartland television series so I dream a lot about being able to do this kind of stuff.

I feel like anything is possible with my augmentative communication device. I mean, I’m now able to communicate on a more advanced level. One of my dreams is to get the horseback riding certification to be an instructor. I really wish that I could be a horseback riding instructor. I would type all of my lessons into my augmentative communication device and I would have to use different notebooks for different exercises during the lesson, but I see anything as possible now that I have the new augmentative communication device.

Wish me luck at the gala.