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Lent Poem

Here is a poem for Lent.  I hope you enjoy it.


When Jesus came to Birmingham
they simply passed him by.
They never hurt a hair of him
they simply let him die.
For men had grown more tender
and they would not give him pain.
They only just passed down the street
and left him in the rain.

Still Jesus cried, ‘Forgive them, for they
know not what they do.’
And still it rained the wintry rain
that drenched him through and through.
The crowds went home and left the streets
without a soul to see.
And Jesus crouched against a wall
and cried for Calvary.

Studdart Kennedy

Handicapped Parking

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging.  I have been having a really busy semester.  But with the most recent snowstorm in the Northeast I found a post on Facebook that I thought was appropriate for this blog.  It reads:

As we are digging out from the snow storm. I’d like to ask If you see snow shoveled in handicapped parking spaces that service a public building please report it to management and remind them that not only is this against the law but it’s the difference between somebody with a disability being able to go somewhere or not. Thank you for your help. #MakingADifferenceTogether

Yes.  We need to look after one another’s needs in horrendous weather conditions.  It’s like if you see something, say something, but in a different context.  Instead of reporting danger, I’m talking about reporting accessibility issues.  If you see snow in handicapped parking spaces, please say something.  They are critical to people with mobility issues to get out somewhere.


Thank you

An Insult to People with Disabilities

OK.  How do I write this?

Maybe two weeks back, I had an incident with the school librarian.  First off, there are sidewalks all over campus.  I use them to go from building to building.  Now it was a rainy day and I was going to the library to do some work.  My aide and I get settled to do some work when we see the librarian wiping up the mud tracks.  She was looking all over to see where all of the mud came from.

My aide excuses herself and confronts the woman.  “Excuse me.  Is there a problem?”

“Oh no no no.  I was just wondering where all of the mud came from.”

“Yeah, well, there is a girl in a wheelchair over there.  It’s from her wheelchair.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t know…”

“You didn’t know?  Maybe you should check your surroundings next time.”

I left the library feeling unwelcome in a workplace that should be utilized by everyone regardless of what abilities or disabilities they have.  My aide wrote a letter to the Office of Disabilities complaining about that.  But it is like the old saying: “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.  But I might tweak it to, “If you can’t do anything nice, don’t do anything at all”.