Archive | February 2017

A Disgrace On Facebook

My best friend is really appreciative of people from all walks of life; black, white, Native American.  Whatever you are, he respects you.  Especially the handicapped.  One of his friends got political and she was talking about how we should kill the handicapped.

Kill the handicapped?  Excuse me?  My friend makes a status about it and a lot of people got on her case about it.  I said, “Kill the handicapped?  No, how about we run you over with our wheelchairs and canes?”  What is this?  The 1960s where we throw hate speech around about people that are different from us?  Really?  What about the love for all people no matter how different they are from us?  One day I hope society changes and accompanies everyone.  If you’re going to kill the handicapped, you might as well kill everybody because everybody has something.

How about this?  Let’s stop being prejudice against each other and come together and enjoy each other.  Maybe we can learn something from each other.  We are only dividing our country by hating each other.  It is 2017 not 1967.  Everyone needs to put their big boy pants on and deal with people less fortunate than us.  United we stand, divided we fall.

Finding My Place

I have been a paralegal student for two weeks, and even though it is exhausting, I really like it.  I have been learning how to use an encyclopedia.  That is exhausting in itself  because I can’t turn the pages, but I enjoy working with a physical book.  We are so advanced in computerized technology that we forget what it means to use a physical book or a pen and paper.  Now, I am not the most high-tech millennial.  I still wish that I could use a paper and pad.  Learning to use the encyclopedia is tedious but exciting for me.

I enjoy learning about the law but with the confusion that I had with the on-line assignments made me question my computer skills.  Am I tech savvy enough to be a paralegal?  Am I fast enough?  Should I take a computer class to brush up my skills?  Silly questions like that have been roaming my mind.  I guess that my self-esteem is a little low right now, but I will build it up again.  It is just taking me awhile to warm up to things.

I’ll keep you posted on how I do.