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My First Week As a Paralegal Student

I can honestly say that I declared the right major.  America’s judicial system has always interested me.  I can still remember being interested in the legal issues that were a part of my past, watching Court TV every day and getting interested in newsworthy court cases like the Casey Anthony trial.  I knew that I needed a good paying job in something that I enjoyed.

I do, however, have a confession to make.  I’m not the most tech savvy person.  I know that’s really sad for a millennial, but it’s true.  Computer Legal Application is teaching me a lot of what I will be doing as a paralegal.  For example, I will have to learn spreadsheets.  I know the basics of Excel, but I remember how to do a spreadsheet.  The first class, the professor was doing basic computer vocabulary and I thought that I had misunderstood the meaning of paralegal.  I didn’t.  The second class was much more interesting.

Legal Research and Writing was very interesting to me.  It’s teaching me how to interrupt court documents, how to research laws and how to write documents.  From the first class, I immediately enjoyed the class.  It’s taught by the same professor that I have for Computer Legal Application and I really like her.  She’s an attorney herself and I really like her.  She understands my need for extra time and I like how she teaches.

I have my first Civil Litigation class tomorrow so I can’t write for that class.  And I just started Domestic Relations.  I can’t say much for that.

I’ll keep you updated.

A Compliment in Stop-and-Stop

I usually don’t talk about this but I had a positive experience today in the grocery store.

Err.  Let’s backtrack a little.  I have been on a medicine to help me control my movements.  I have been taking both pills at night because I don’t like to be sleepy during the day and whatnot.  But just recently, I have been taking one pill in the morning and I have been feeling really tired in the day.  I don’t like to be tired in the day because I have school starting tomorrow and I want to be alert.

But I have been noticing that my body has been really still. And today, one of the store associates stops me.  He has to be the oldest one there.  He has a speech problem but he’s a really nice guy.  He stops me and says, “Your hands are better”.

I stopped and thought, Oh my goodness.  He’s right.  I didn’t notice that.

I have been so focused on getting ready for school that I didn’t take time to notice any body changes.  I have been feeling like I need extra help at nighttime, but as I write this, I wonder if this is a new chapter in my life where my body gets better.  Time will tell.

I would like to push people to discover more medicine for conditions like cerebral palsy, spina bifida and many more.  Movement disorders in particular need to be treated.  Or maybe new equipment can be invented.  Maybe there can be an arm stabilizer for people with movement disorders that are in wheelchairs.  There are some arm stabilizers, but what if they could move to let people set the dinner table or feed themselves.  I don’t have any training in entrepreneurship or business, let alone business, but I would love to draw up a few interesting ideas in equipment or medicine.  Or I would love to assist the scientists in research.  It is time to help people in need.  If we can’t get aides to assist us then we need to look into self-help through medicine and equipment.

A New Aide

I met with the potential aide and I knew she was the one.  She seemed really gentle and we had a lot in common.  She knows a lot about disability advocacy and she’s got a ton of experience.  I feel like she’s going to teach me a lot about getting out and about.  She’s also very talkative.  Just from her phone calls, Grandma said that she’s a talker.  One thing that I picked up right away is that she’s extremely patient.  She has great credentials and I think she has a lot to offer me.  She’s got a good idea of what’s going on in the area.

It is a disgrace that my agency couldn’t get me an aide.  There is a cry for more aides in this tanking economy and it’s sad.  I knew a couple of people that are still waiting for aides.  I had waited four months for some help and it wasn’t until I made some noise on local groups on Facebook that I got help.  It’s absolutely disgraceful.  I hope someone reads this and sees how broken just the aide industry is.  We, as Americans, should have the right to assistance without the wait.  Now I just saw a sign at Walmart for a home health aide.  I thought to myself, “A home health aide should automatically be replaced by an agency”.

I’m writing this blog as a call of action.  We the people with disabilities are not getting the assistance we need.  We are hiring our own aides.  No state agency has aides to send out to people that really need them.  People with disabilities.  We need to be calling our senators and representatives to address this issue.  We run our government.  The government doesn’t run us.  If we want to start a movement, it should be the Aides Are Needed movement and that part of discrimination needs to cease.

What Happens When You Relentlessly Ask Around For An Aide

OK.  So I’m laying around in bed this morning and I am deciding what I am going to do today.  I have a few projects hanging over my head.  I have school starting in a few weeks, but I labeled my books last night.  The Independent Living thing won’t happen for a long time, but I can keep searching for an aide.  I get up and slowly get ready to have breakfast.  I hear Grandma starting breakfast.  She’s making biscuits and eggs.  I finish eating and drinking my hot chocolate.  I take my time getting ready for the day.

And then, I decide to go on Facebook and advertise the vacant aide position.  I put an ad in two local groups and within minutes someone answers me.  His sister does aide work.  He said that she’s very patient.  He gave me her number and I called and left her a message, which was very nerve-racking because I use my augmentative communication device to talk on the phone and the voice isn’t always clear and not everyone understands my message.  Thankfully, she called me back and Grandma spoke to her and I have a meeting with her on Tuesday.

Let’s hope it works

A Website to Reference

I was doing some research for myself on how to treat cerebral palsy and I stumbled across a really useful website for people that are curious about how to deal with it.  It is  I think it will be a great resource to get a better grasp on how to deal with this condition.  I would like to know if this website helps anyone.  Please give me honest feedback on how you like this website.

Thank you

Happy New Year

I’m sorry for the late New Year’s post.  I guess I have been tired after New Year’s Eve.  I decided to post some quotes about New Year’s.  I hope that you enjoy them.

“We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them.” – Hillary DePiano

“I hope you get all your dream in your hand till end of the year.” – Faiz Israili

“There will be always something old in the New Year!” – Mehmet Murat Ildan

“We are the authors of our destinies. No one can see the vision any clearer, believe in and work any harder to make it a reality more than the visionary.” – Nike Campbell-Fatoki

“To dress up today in the threadbare garments of yesterday is to create an impoverished tomorrow.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Faith is why I’m here today and faith is why I believe I can achieve something in my life.” – Jonathan Anthony Burkett