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St. Thomas Aquinas College Semi-Formal

So I graduate St. Thomas Aquinas College in three weeks.  To celebrate, I decided to go to the college’s Winter Semi-Formal.  I still have not found a second aide, but I asked my old community helper to go and she said yes.  My agency said that they would pay her to go with me.  I’m so psyched.  I ordered a dress for it.

I figured that it was time to start going to school functions and socializing.  I have been wanting to go to the school dance for two years and didn’t pursue it.  This year, I asked my old community helper to go and it worked out.  I’m going to celebrate getting my psychology degree.  It wasn’t an easy degree to obtain from Experimental Psychology to Physiological Psychology but I made the grades.  I especially didn’t have to repeat Statistics and I thought that I would have to.  I thought I would have to repeat Physiological Psychology also but I passed.

When there is a will, there is a way.  I’m determined to pass everything this semester and obtain my paralegal certificate.  I found a way to go to the  dance and I think everything will pan out.  Don’t let circumstances defeat you.  They are only speed bumps in the road.  They are like obstacles in the path to your grand castle.  But if you walk around them, you will get to your destination.  Don’t let go of your dreams.  If you keep at them, they will become reality.

Holiday Advice

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Immediately following Thanksgiving is the Christmas season.  It is a time for love, giving and coming together no matter our differences.  It is a time to forgive each other and of course, a time to eat!  I know that we have had our differences over the past year through blood and sweat, but can I ask a favor?  Set aside the heated conversations and enjoy a holiday dinner with family.  There are many families worldwide that have nothing to eat.  They don’t have shelter, warmth or money.  They have uncertain days ahead.  Can we set aside the negativity, grudges and harshness, and enjoy family, friends and peace?  This season would be a pleasure if we did those things.  So maybe you can surprise a person in need with a visit or help your local food pantry.  Whatever you do, please do it with love, generosity and kindness.

Thank you

A Poem For Today

Here is a villanelle that I wrote in my senior year Poetry class in high school.   I hope you enjoy it.


This is an exciting day.

Another one has come and gone.

It is like a newly formed bay.


It was a long wait

Ups and downs all along

This is an exciting day.


Everything is joyful and gay

Like a newly written song

It is like a newly formed bay