Archive | March 2016

Fun in the Sun

Last night, I went to my support group and they showed the documentary Sense the Wind. It was produced by Matthew Chao. Chao himself was blind and he wanted to expand sports to people with disabilities, specifically sailing. He developed a way for blind people to do sailing competitively with his companions Phil, Nancy and Matt. Phil, Nancy and Matt are also blind and they compete against one another. They have sighted guides as they enjoy an afternoon of sailing.

Adaptive sailing is available at Helen Hayes as part of their adaptive sports program and I will hopefully take part in it. I may have trouble stepping out my comfort zone, but I really would like to try water sports in my life. I hope that I can expand my realm of activities this summer. I horseback ride, but I would like to try another sport. I swim in the summer and I tried softball and soccer. They didn’t work out, but it’s a decade later and I would like to try a new sport.

Nowadays, anybody can do a sport whether they have a disability or not. I highly encourage everybody to get out this summer and have some fun. There are no limitations to what you can do. I believe that society is making living with a disability less of a challenge and that good things are coming. So please get out and have some fun!

A Job Hunt

I’m going through a moratorium of what I want to do after college.  I’m keeping the school psychologist idea open, but now I want to go back to being a social worker.  One thing that I have established in my head is that I want to work for the town and not to get political, but with all of the changes in the school districts, I don’t know if a job in the school would be good for me. So I started to line up job possibilities for after college.  I know I was born to do something great but I don’t know what that is yet.  I guess the thought of grad school and doctoral school is intimidating me and I need to find myself first.  I need a stable job and I know that, but I feel that I need to start exploring my likes and dislikes before making a firm commitment or picking something I am unhappy with.  The problem is that I have a few ideas of what I would like to do, but I don’t think that I qualify to do that kind of work.

I am even considering doing an internship this summer just to get a feel of what I want to do.  This is so confusing as to what I want to do that it’s starting to scare me but I will figure it out.  I think I keep getting confused about what I want to do because I am not out and about like other people are.  So hopefully this will help.

Getting experience in a field that you’re interested in is a wonderful way to get to know what you want to do in life.  I encourage those who are confused with what they want to do to go into the community and gain experience so that they can decide what they want to do.  Even those people with disabilities should get an idea of what they want to do.  There are services to accommodate people with disabilities at the work place.  I believe that more people should utilize them to be able to work in the community or whatever they want to do in life.  Not only that, but working gives people with disabilities a chance to socialize in the community.  So I hope that this works out for me and other people that might be confused.