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A Kind Question

I was feeling lonely off and on for a few weeks.  Then, I started talking to a guy and that has been wary.  So I was upset for a little while and then a tiny bit of sun peaked through the clouds today.  I was just finished lunch and a guy randomly asked me if I ate.  I told him that I ate.  I just found it so generous that someone asked me that.  I mean, honestly, how many strangers ask people in wheelchairs if they ate.  There are truly good people out there and I don’t think that the media shows enough stories of these random acts of kindness.  I’m a traditionalist and I think that women need a gentleman in their lives.  This guy was a gentleman and I applaud him for that.

A Story that Inspired Me

So in the past year, we saw American Pharaoh win the Triple Crown.  His trainer was on the news the other day.  He was a paraplegic and he trained the horse from a wheelchair and he was a success.  So now, I have been wanting to train horses for awhile so this made me even more determined to go into the business.  With an augmentative communication device, time and patience, I think that I could train a few horses.  It is worth a shot.  Crazy I may be, but I really would like to try.  I mean, look at Helen Keller who made speeches and wrote her autobiography.  She was blind and couldn’t talk, but she made a living for herself.  Beethoven was deaf and he composed music.

Granted I’m in school to be a school psychologist, but I would like to do this as a weekend job.  OK, by now, I have revealed myself to be a full-fledged country girl, but this is a dream of mine to work with one of my favorite kind of farm animal.  Now that I’ve been exposed to this back-story, I wonder if I can get into the field.  Time will tell.

Don’t give up on any of your dreams.  If you really want it, go for it.  Don’t let a disability, condition or a sickness stop you.  Set high expectations for yourself, stick to them and make something of yourself.  And don’t let anyone stop you.

Good luck!

Throwback Thursday: A Surprise for a Friend

I am sorry for not blogging lately.  I have my hands tied up with homework.  I figured tonight I would do a blog since I don’t have classes tomorrow.

Five years ago, I gave a girl from my middle school advisory the shock of her life.  She didn’t know that I could walk and she was about to graduate high school.  I was washing my hands in the girls’ bathroom and I looked towards the door.  She was talking to somebody, oblivious of what was about to happen.   I was in my walker and I walked over to her.

She stopped talking to her friend and she was stunned to see that I was walking.  I was so happy to see her right before she graduated.  I met up with her on social media one day and she said that she teared up when she saw me walk.  I hope that it made her graduation very special.

A New Communication Device Ordered

So I put in for a new augmentation communication device last Tuesday.  I can’t stop celebrating this because my current device is having problems.  It’s taking longer and longer for this Dynavox to load screens and stuff like that.  I’m excited for new features.  I can make phone calls.  There is a new text message setup where the browser actually looks like a modern cell phone’s screen.  I’m getting WordPower, which is the same system that I was eyeing last year.  I can type a message on the device and it’ll transfer to any computer.  I’m really excited because this is the most updated device I’ve ever had..  The bad part is that I have to wait a few months for it and I don’t know how long it will take to get it.  I have been waiting a month for my new wheelchair so I figure another month or so for that.  So it will be about the same for this device.

These kinds of medical devices take a long time to process and it’s really a shame because I need these two things badly.  They take advantage of people that need these kinds of medical supplies.  Their rates are sky-high and they make you wait five years to get a new augmentative communication device or wheelchair.  I just hope that this device comes sooner than I think because I am tired of having a Dynavox that’s falling apart.