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A Poem for Today

So for Creative Writing, I had to write a poem about a place that was important to us.  I wrote about a place that I used to ride at.  I would like to share it with you.  I hope that you enjoy it.

The Farm

The horses neigh to greet their friends.

On weekends, I rode my brown and white

Mare. She was as brown as the bark on the

Trees in the woods. Her white hair reminded me of

Freshly fallen snow.


As I rode her, harmonious music danced in my head.

My back felt like a pole poked it and straightened it up.

My legs got moved a lot; every part of me came alive,

Like I was running a race. The paths and fields were gorgeous.

They were like a pasture out west, stretching for miles and

Miles, from busy streets to quiet woodlands. And on autumn

Days, smoked wood was in the air.


I miss the farm dearly. It made me feel like a farm girl.

I love the westerly feeling of serenity, love and hope.

But I am riding today and I don’t want to hang up

My boots so fresh in life. I just will keep riding the fields

And path until I no longer can.


A Thank You

Hello everybody and welcome to my new website.  I hope that you enjoy it.  I have been working to redesign this site for many months, but it is finally ready.  I would like to thank Andrea and her husband Larry Eckerle for relating me to my resourceful web designer Tracy Malone-Schiss for her knowledge in web design and getting me to this point.  I would also like to thank John Antonacci for his additional expertise that helped move things along.

An additional thank you goes to my family for their support during this entire process.  I love you and I hope to make you proud.

Please share this website with family and friends that may have disabilities.  I hope to inspire them and help them reach their full potential.  Remember, underestimation is the real disability and needs to be combated just like AIDS and cancer.  I also will continue to share personal experiences, good and bad.  I hope that you enjoy the site and it provides you with direction for you and the people around you.

A Job Offering

I must have applied for a job at Bear Mountain two or three years ago because I was job hunting for a summer position because I wouldn’t always get a job at Museum Village. I didn’t hear back from them. So all of a sudden, maybe a month after the pool incident, I got a call from them offering me a job. It would start as volunteer job doing data entry and maybe turn into a paying job. I could work from home and e-mail my work in. Could they feel bad about the pool incident?

I’m hoping to work for them over winter break. I have a lot of homework this semester so I can’t start now, but I hope that I get this job and eventually, make some money. I’m psyched for this position and a new experience.

A Hectic Week

It was my first week back at St. Thomas Acquinas College and I had an interesting week. My first class on Tuesday was Spanish. My schedule has one room and I go there. It’s a cramped room with about eight people and we thought that the professor was absent, not to mention that my power chair didn’t fit into the room. No, it turned out that it said the wrong classroom on the schedules. So today, I was trying to participate in class and I would get called on but the professor wouldn’t wait for my responses. I felt flustered and embarrassed. I love Spanish and I want to do well in it. The professor’s teaching method; it is very interactive. However, we have a few things to iron out.

The next class is Creative Writing. I got to that class Tuesday and the room was like an oven. It is a small conference room and I like the professor. She’s very patient and understanding. But Tuesday, my Dynavox needed a new battery and the Series 5 Software would crash when we rebooted it. So now, I feel bad that I can’t participate in class. Let’s just say that today’s class went a lot smoother.

Yesterday I had Child Psychopathology and I had a good day. I want to work with elementary school-age children. I think that I will really like the class. The professor goes at a slower pace than the others, but I think it will be a good class.

Art History is an on-line class, which I like because I have time to complete assignments. I’m excited to explore different forms of art across the world and the context of the work.

All in all, I’m excited for these classes and the way they’re taught. I think that it will be a good semester. All the kinks will be worked out and I will learn new things. I’m starting with a positive mental attitude and many of you guys need to do the same. As Liz Carlisle says in one of her songs, “Open the window and let the sun shine in”.

A Club Offer

I go to school with the editor-in-chief of the church magazine and she also works for the school newspaper. She knows that I love to write so she asked me if I would like to write for the newspaper. I accepted the offer with joy and happiness. I’m hoping to advertise this website in the newspaper so I just asked for permission to do so. I will do a backup article just in case it falls through.

College is a time to expand your horizons, meet new people and try new things and that’s what I’m going to do. I’m hoping by writing for the newspaper, new adventures and new opportunities will arise. Isn’t it a good semester to add to my writing portfolio? I think so. I also hope to raise my GPA this semester. I will update you throughout the semester on how things are going.

A Labor Day Poem

I hope everybody is getting ready for a relaxing Labor Day weekend. I wrote a poem about what my family does for Labor Day. I hope you enjoy it.

My Family’s Labor Day

We toil, toil and toil
Until we get as wilted as a flower,
Struggling on its own roots with no
Backbone to support it. We’re like old
Golden farmers scraping up every last coin
To have food on the table.

And then, there is a weekend with two Sundays;
My family usually gathers to celebrate the rest.
The cousins clash one last time before the bang
Of new rules and knowledge. And so, the hazy
Air turns into cool, festive air, bringing joy
And happiness into people and it continues
For four wonderful months.