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A Cruise Around the Store

I forgot my manual wheelchair when I went to the store today so I had to use a scooter. Let me tell you-It was exhausting to drive something that I had no experience with, but I did good. Actually, I had more control in this than I have in my power chair, but I couldn’t bring my Dynavox with me, which really sucks because if I needed to talk to someone, I couldn’t. So I didn’t like that aspect. I did like the basket attachment for the groceries. I am proud of myself for trying something new, but I would much rather have my custom wheelchair with me next time.

Augmentative Communication Update

I had another assistive technology evaluation and I am a lot clearer on what I want. I am hoping to get an Accent 1400. The overseer of the hospital’s assistive technology wasn’t there today so I have to go see her and confirm that this is what I want. I am getting the WordPower like I wanted and it does have text messages like I needed. I can create and save files, e-mail, use it with environmental controls and much more. I need to get a thicker keyboard for it and I also need to get a travel strap for it so I can hook it to the seat belt in the car. I took one home for a trial period to adjust to it before the order is put in to the insurance company to be purchased. I hope that it works out for me.

Dynavox Evaluation Round 2

Alright, so I was evaluated for a Dynavox a few weeks ago and they had to do some research for me. Now they want to see me this coming Wednesday because a Dynavox representative to show me some more products. I’m hoping for a newer communication system because I have been with Gateway 60 for six, seven years and I feel that it’s time for a change. I remained with the Gateway when I transferred Dynavoxes and I had some problems with it because some files were corrupt. Now that this device is old, I want to start fresh with a new system and rebuild my pages. I hope this baby can make it a few more months until I get the new one.

A Request for Help

This novel that I am writing is coming along, but the manuscript is nowhere complete. I hope that my Creative Writing class can give me getting tips for incorporating good, juicy parts into my novel. Does anyone have any tips on looking for publishers? I would greatly appreciate some suggestions.

Thank you

A Frustrating Day

I was out for the day with her other client to go swimming at the Bear Mountain Inn and I was very outraged. They just renovated the place and yet there was no handicapped access to the pool. Thank goodness I have the ability to walk because I wouldn’t have been able to use the pool. What about people in motorized wheelchairs? What about the elderly that just want to socialize in the community? Is it ok to discriminate against them? Not in my eyes.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 says that all public places must be handicapped accessible. Bear Mountain should have redone their entire property to accommodate those with limited mobility. And they didn’t. I don’t care how steep that hill is. They’re discriminating against people who have limited mobility. I will write a complaint letter to bring this to their attention.

Wish me luck.

Independent Living Visit

I checked out Independent Living Thursday and at first, I didn’t like it. But then, I put it into prospective. I’d be in a place with very high security, accessible apartments and a lot of things can be modified. For example, the bathroom automatically comes with bars. I can very easily use a walker in the apartment, which is one of my criteria in this search. I wasn’t too happy with the small kitchen, but I can work with that. I also didn’t see a two-bedroom apartment so I would like to see that. I would need to have a two-bedroom apartment because I would have 24-hour care so I need to check that out. However, I’ll wait to make that trip until I finish school. One positive thing about Independent Living is that it felt like my old summer rehabilitation facility with the automatic doors and how the interior was designed. There are other living arrangements that I want to see so I want to explore all my options before making a decision.

I’ll keep you updated on this issue.

New Wheels

So yesterday I was trying out a new wheelchair. It’s still a sports chair, but I felt that I needed a different type. I lean a lot so I felt that I needed extra side support and my last two chairs didn’t fold so traveling was a hassle so this time I knew that I wanted a folding frame. It would benefit me to have a folding chair if I got my own place because I could fold it and have it out of the way and use a walker to get around. But I was happy with the outcome. I got more side support so I am really happy with that accommodation. I hope I got the right frame. I will keep you updated on this.

A Poem for Today

Sorry for not posting in a week.  I had a busy week.  I will update you tomorrow, but as the sun sets, I thought that I would post a poem that I recently wrote.  I hope that you enjoy it

Cottage Comfort


As I settle in for the night

I turn off my cot’s sun and

Hunker down beneath my

Quilt.  Here the quiet land

Surrounds me.  No new

Bothers can come upon me

Because all the things now shrewd

Are not in here where it’s homey.


I have my quill next to my bed,

And I start a trip down south

Where I can relax my body and head.

So I put to rest my power mouth,

And I stare at my covered torso.

Light it is, but I love its old feel.

Grandma made it years ago

Working on it after the evening meal.


I go into a slumber.

Lo and behold, I ignore the cold.

The hours I don’t want to number

Until to get up I am told.

Tomorrow I will be warm

With fishing and hiking to do.

Nothing will tire me before heading back to the farm

Because I will be relaxed as soup.


Exploring the World of Reading

I have grown up with a small world and I was once very closed-minded about certain things.  I didn’t have a clue what sociology was until senior year of high school.  I had no clue what psychology was until I took General Psychology in high school.  I didn’t understand the legal aspects of renting an apartment until I started watching Hot Bench, which I absolutely love.  I absolutely love watching Court TV with my grandmother.  We watch Hot Bench every single weekday morning  at breakfast.  But one thing that I love to do is read.  I love a good book.  I just started reading a collection of short stories pertaining to the ghosts of my state.  I love school because I read things that I can use in counseling or in my writings.  I love audiobooks because I can hear the information over and over.  But I also like physical books.  I love turning the pages.

I would like to encourage parents to get their kids into reading this school year.  It’d be good to start the interest as early as possible so that they can excel later in life.  I want to encourage kids to understand our world on a broad level.  I know it’s early but as I prepare for school, I want to inspire everybody from preschool to college to have a good school year and do their best.

Success At Last

After nervousness dripping through my veins for over a year and concern wavered over my head, a break of sunshine peaked through the clouds.  I found my next augmentative communication device.  I was so nervous because I knew that the guards were being made paper thin and I couldn’t use a guard that thin or use the eye-tracking devices.  So they said that they could have a keyboard made, but I wasn’t sure about that idea.  Luckily, I found a device that accommodated me and that fits my guard that I have now.  There are some kinks that need to be worked out, but I think that I chose the right device.

For all of you augmentative communication users, do not fret out about what device you’ll get next.  There’s something for everybody and you can get a device made if need be.  So you’re covered no matter what happens.

I’ll keep you updated with what happens.  I’m going to test an old device with Word Power because everything is on one page and I’m tired of switching back and forth between pages.  The only problem is that the Word Power doesn’t have text messaging and they need to look into it.  All in all, it was a productive day.