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A New Experience

So yesterday, I went to see Footloose and Fancy-Free.  It was such an amazing play.  It was about the minister of the town abandoning the right to have dances and all the citizens looked to Wren, the main character, to fight for the right to have dances again.  There was a lot of singing and dancing involved.  Wren falls in love with the minister’s daughter and there’s a lot of drama involved..  But in the end, they get to have their dance and all is well. I liked how it was put together.  It was a good play.

Fight for Your Rights to be Assisted

I have been doing the community helper service for about four weeks and I find out Monday that I have more hours banked up that I could be using.  I’m like, “What?!  Nobody told me this.”  Apparently, it’s all in the wording of my valued outcomes.  I have to request more hours.

I can’t believe how drawn out the process of requesting state assistance can be.  It took forever for the request for the community helper to go through and now it will take more time to get extra hours?  What if this was an emergency and I needed extra assistance right away?  I would be hanging onto a cliff for another ten months.  Does that make any sense?  What about a paraplegic or quadriplegic?  How long would it take them to get extra help?  I mean, I want something in place as a safety net in case something goes wrong, but the time that it takes for it to go through is outrageous.

I’l keep you posted of what happens.

My First Dive

Today I went swimming with Dad and his girlfriend.  I am still learning how to swim, but I did something that I have never done before.  I jumped off a diving board.  It wasn’t a high dive, but it was a low board.  I had my life jacket on and Dad was right behind me.  I jumped in once and felt like I accomplished something that not everybody can do.  I did it a second  time and I accomplished something that I have always wanted to do.  Thank you Dad for letting me have this experience.  I love you.

The Freedom Trail

Summer is a huge travel season and many people, including people with disabilities want to travel.  If you’re big into history and want to see some historic sites, then maybe you should go on the Freedom Trail.  This trail takes you through various sites that were founded from the colonial times to the Civil War.  I’d like to visit myself actually.  It is very wheelchair accessible and free tours are given on weekdays.  Some sites that you can see are Paul Revere’s house, Faneuil Hall and the Old State House, among many other sites.  It seems like a very nice vacation and I hope that many of you get to experience it.

New Mobility Story

There was a story in New Mobility Magazine about a paralyzed man named Kevin Brooks.  He is one of the most known motivated speakers in Canada.  Brooks was paralyzed in 2000 in a car accident because he was driving while intoxicated and killed his best friend.  The young man struggled to accept his new disability, but another man shed some light for him.  Brooks wanted to apply for a public relations degree at Kwantlen College and he wanted to interview a PR lady for a class and that is how he met Rick Hansen.

Hansen had a huge impact on Brooks’ life.  Hansen helped him see past his wheelchair and in return Brooks started a fundraiser in Hansen’s name.  First, he raised money for it by swimming across his hometown.  But fundraising wasn’t his only motive.  He went on to speaking to high school students about driving safely.  His speeches included speeding, impaired driving and seat belt usage.

I admire Brooks for his motivational speaking because I am against drunk driving myself, but what I admire more is how he made good out of a bad situation.  He got rid of a negative attitude and did something good with his life.  More people that are in similar situations need to do that.  Yes, they may have gotten hurt and lost their independence, but they can choose to either mope and feel sorry for themselves or change it around and help others in similar situations.  If more people would shine light for others, they could open many more doors like Hansen did for Brooks.

A Special Performance

A few days ago, a young girl with cerebral palsy, named Marlana VanHoose, appeared on the morning news.  She was blind but very high functioning.  She performed the Star Spangled Banner.  She was young.  I forgot how old she was, but she sung so beautifully and it was amazing to hear her.  She sang like a professional.  It was amazing.  VanHoose has sang at NBA games and other sporting events.  Below is a clip of her singing.

She has accomplished so much and look at where she is today.  She’s performing at national sporting events.  Anyone with a disability can be great.  They just have to set their mind to it.  So stop feeling sorry for yourself, get out and take yourself to next level and promote yourself.

A Website Update

I will be updating this website to be a different look and I will update some of the pictures. I am very excited to be working on a project, especially since I have wanted to do renovations for a year now.  I think that the new look will be more reflective in my likes since I adore nature.  And I hope to expand my reader’s base.  So that is where I stand nowadays.  I will still be blogging, but I just wanted to update my readers with what’s going on.

Thank you

A Start of the Journey Into the Community

I finally started the community helper after ten months of waiting.  We went to get a library card and today we went shopping.  I love getting out for a few hours.  Last week, we went to a harness racing museum.  We both love horses and we enjoyed the museum.  We are going to Bear Mountain on Wednesday.  I am having fun and I hope she is too.  It’s hard when you have a limited view of what’s around and what’s going on.  I really hope to engage in more community events.  Especially with summer here and harvest festivals coming up.  So I hope that my horizons are expanded, I meet more people and I have a more general perspective of the young life.

A Poem for Today

In high school, I wrote a magnum opus.  A magnum opus is an author or artist’s most important work and I would like to share mine with you.  I wrote this for my Poetry class in my senior  year of high school .  I hope that you enjoy it.

My red blanket opens up at the wild farm.

Bleeding bloods runs through my veins

As I approach the red, red barn.

As I walk, I hear multiple Secretariats,

Neighing as I enter the place.

Am I here to work or ride off into the

Distance, letting new air clear my mind

Of today’s worries? I ask myself.

You’ve come for fun, to be wrapped

Up in a purple blanket and ride away,

Where nobody except two people and

The woods are around. The woods are

The light night and chatter echoes

Throughout the quiet. A purple

Blanket is wrapped me. It is so

Calm on Secretariat’s back. I love this

Place more then down there. Down there,

Where the hustle and bustle is. I shun

Away from that place. I turn away

From the flashing lights that rob me

Of my soft purple blanket. I try to block

Out all of it including the rush I run back

To the farm and I find my Secretariat

And warm, purple blanket in the barn.

I need that purple around me. I want

A calm wind to settle into my nerves.

My few crazy hours have ended.

They’re faint from the craze far away,

The craze will end soon though.

My purple blanket is wrapped around me,

Even in these smothering, sticky months.

It continues to bring me comfort as

I ride over those troubling waters,

Rushing every which way. At the same

Time, the harsh water slows down

Because things start to slow down. The

Craze sleeps its night. My purple blanket

Stays tightly around me as we ride Secretariat

Into the distance, faint from the craze far away.

I have ridden this far in a decade and two years,

And still, there are more trails to travel in life.

I look forward to each trail as if it holds a treat for me.

I hope to ride Secretariat down all dirty trails.

Good old partner of mine,

Has never let me down even in sleet.

My purple blanket thickens as silence settles in.

It has become apart of me.

I take it home and settle in.

I still will ride Secretariat with my blanket,

Here, now and for evermore.