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Summer Vacation Has Arrived

Finally, it’s over.  Today I finished my first year at St. Thomas Acquinas College.  While I am happy that classes are over, I’ll miss the environment.  Yes, it’s school, but I feel like the school has already opened doors for me.  I fell in love with the psychology major.  I am taking a child psychopathology class next year along with a few other classes including my favorite, Spanish.  But first, I need beach time and relaxation and time to celebrate my cousin’s high school graduation.

Unexpected Sunshine

Joel told a story of two baseball players.  They wondered if there was baseball up in Heaven.  They made an agreement that if one dies, he would tell the other guy the answer. Well, one of them dies and comes to his friend and says, “Yeah, there’s baseball in Heaven, but get ready because you’re pitching next Thursday”.

I was like, “Oh my goodness.  That’s too soon”.

I liked Joel Osteen’s sermon today since there were a lot of nature comparisons and I’m big into nature.  There was a period of depressing, gloomy weather in Houston.  Day after day it would rain without stopping.  One day, Joel looked out the window and saw a peak of sunshine and suddenly it cleared up.  That’s what life is like.  I’ll use my fire district for an example.  The fire company near me was in mediocre conditions before my Grandfather came to be president of Lakeside Fire Company.  I mean the company was in shambles.  No cooperation existed between the districts; no system of rescue was in place.  My Grandfather put into place a system where if one couldn’t respond to a fire, another company would go put it out.  The unexpected sunshine was combining districts and a better rescue team.  I hope that system continues so that he can rest in peace.

The Closure of a Rough School Year

I’m happy to say that I almost completed my junior year at St. Thomas Acquinas College.  I will be blogging more over summer vacation.  I am still juggling three final projects, one more quiz and two more tests.  That’s a lot of work.  I just want my summer vacation.  I  just want to go swimming, fishing and relax.  I have summer fever already.  I’m working at my church and I am really excited.  I’m doing a lot of art for their magazine, which is one of my passions.  My cousin is graduating high school in June.  So it looks like a full summer.  I hope that you guys are going to have a fulfilling summer too.

The Valley of Blessing

It’s Sunday and I would like to start the sermon reflection with a joke that Osteen told.  A man asked God what a million days was like to him.

God answered, “A million days is like a year to me”.

The guy went further and asked, “What is a penny like to you?”

God replied that a penny was like a million dollars to him.

So the man asked, “Can I have a penny?”

Osteen preached about the Valley of Blessings today.  Let me explain it like this.  People always get discouraged.  Maybe they got laid off, got sick, a friend moved away or some other tragedy happened.  Those dark times are only there temporarily, but brighter times are on their way.  The significant other left or the dog died.  Yes, but remember the table of abundance of food that God made for David after defeating Goliath.  It’s the same concept  here.  God will give you bigger better gifts than you had before.  So start expecting more than the past.  There is more greatness to life than you can ever imagine.

The Goodbye

Cool air fills the room. The door is held open
For me by somebody and I enter. My heart starts
Pounding faster and faster as I wheel through the threshold.
Everybody is joyous and ambitious for the future. Friends
Discuss their summer plans. Joyous chatter fills the room among
These people. I enter the room and talk with one of the girls.
Oh, what a wonderful soul she had. Her way of approaching me
Was kind. Her voice, gentle and pleasant. She and I chatted for
A long time. I enjoyed every second of our conversation. There was about
Twenty people in that room. Various conversations were going on. I looked
Around. The guy who held open the door left. Sadness dwelled within my
Heart. He was never seen again. And then, as my class enters, the other class
Stays for a few minutes and then leaves. My friend says goodbye. That was
The last time I saw them. I never saw them again. But they’re still present in my

About the Poem
This poem depicts a real-life experience that I went through. It was the end of my junior year and it was the week before the Regents started. I was really anxious and emotional that week because all my friends were seniors and they would be graduating soon. It was a bright spring morning and my aide and me were on our way to my science classroom. It was homeroom and there was an AP Physics class in that room, listening to the morning announcements. Suddenly, one of the guys rushes out of the room, leaving the door closing in my face. That annoyed me because I am in my wheelchair and he didn’t have the courtesy to hold the door open for me minus the fact that I knew him. As if he had heard my thoughts, the guy practically ran back to grab the closing door and held it open for me. I greatly appreciated that because he made a mistake and then he fixed it. It meant a lot to me.

When I entered the room, I met up with of my friends. I had known the girl from middle school. I had spoken to her for a few minutes. The bell rings and my science class enters. The AP Physics class remains in the room passed the bell for third period. My friend and I talk for a few more minutes and then she and the others begin to leave. Sadness floods my heart because I knew that I would never see them again. However, I greatly appreciated the fact that somebody took the time to talk to me.