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Hidden Frustrations

Sorry for not blogging in a week.  I wasn’t feeling good.  Anyway, today Joel Osteen delivered a sermon about hidden frustrations.  He said that a hidden frustration was something that has been irritating you for some time, almost like a grudge.  I’ll share one of my most recent hidden frustrations.  My grandfather wasn’t here to help me buy my grandmother a Valentine’s Day gift and I knew that the day was coming, but it didn’t occur to me that I had nothing for her until the night before.  I asked my uncle to get her flowers and a card from the store.  He did, and I gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely card.

You can’t hold grudges forever.  Believe me, I’ve held grudges and it doesn’t work.  I eventually let the grudges, but I had to learn to forgive and forget.  I wanted God to forgive me for my grudge and so, I had to learn how to let go of that grudge.  If you don’t forgive others, God won’t forgive you for the grudge.  So let go of your grudge and let the sun shine in.

Osteen Says “No More Excuses”

Everybody has made excuses not to reach their goals.  Maybe they’re saying, “I can’t lose this weight; my metabolism is too slow” or “I can’t get through this class; I am not good at Math”.  Disregard those thoughts because they’re holding you back.  Joel Osteen said a negative mentality causes negative things to happen.  If you’re saying that you can’t stop smoking, then you’re not trying.  If you’re unwilling to fight your habits, they will fight you.

This was a good sermon for drug addicts, alcoholics or any other habits that people may have.  I hope many of you start watching Joel because he’s a fantastic motivational speaker and I love how he writes his sermons.  If he can help me, he can help you.

A Quick Update

I haven’t been feeling well, but wanted to tell you about the latest with the ambulette struggle.  I’m very unhappy with the service of this company.  The dispatcher isn’t that nice and has taken away my driver.  I find that is absolutely ridiculous because we did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment.  I am having trouble getting in and out of the seat.  I don’t get the dispatcher’s mentality.  If you have one guy transporting someone and the customer likes them, then why fix something that isn’t broken?  It doesn’t make sense because we established a routine with one driver and the new guy isn’t that efficient.  I’m so angry that this is occurring for no reason.  Hopefully, things will get better.

A Fable for Today

Fable writing seems to be a lost form of art.  These kinds of story are a childhood memory of mine.  I wrote one for my junior year.  It’s similar to the Tortuous and the Hare, but it teaches a different lesson.  I hope you enjoy.

The Horse and the Pony

One hot day, a horse came across a weak, little pony. He says, ”I bet you don’t have enough steam or strength to race against me.”

“I bet you are wrong my friend,” says the brown and white pony. “I am as strong as you. Let’s have a race and then you will see how fast I run.”

The horse and the pony line up at the beginning of the ring. The horse counted to 3 and off they went. Both the horse and the pony ran as fast as they could.

The horse was far ahead of the pony for awhile. All of a sudden, he sees from the side of his head that the little pony was catching up.

The pony ran as fast as he could to the finish line. “I proved you wrong, didn’t I?”

“Yes. You certainly did. I’m sorry for judging you like that.”

“It’s OK, but next time, please don’t speak before you are sure you know what you are getting into.”

“I won’t.” said the horse.

The pony trotted away happily.

Moral: Don’t judge a book by its cover. 

Sunday Inspiration

Today, Joel Osteen spoke about something called “heavy favor”.  Heavy favor is simply the belief in your calling from God.  Osteen told a story about Elisha.  This was when the Israelites were invading the Northen Kingdom of Israel and they wanted to capture Elisha because he was a prophet that spread God’s Word.  They approach a house and knocked on the door.  Elisha himself said that the guy they were looking for was elsewhere.

I’m not insisting that you go lie to a stranger, but here’s my interpretation of the story.  Elisha knew that God’s plan for him was not for him to go to exhile.  He knew that his prophecy would continue-that was inevitable.  So I took it that your life is planned for you and now you should follow that path.  You might have screwed up, but you can straighten yourself out.  Life is long because you’ll make wrong twists and turns, but you have many more years to get on the right path.

An Exceptional Trot

So I performed my first independent trot today.  My horse is usually on lead at the trot and I was not on the lead for the trot.  At first, it was nerve racking because it was the first one I’ve done independently and I didn’t want to fall off, but I was holding a safety strap and I was fine.

I feel something good coming along the lines of horseback riding.  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but sometimes I like to dream big.  It’s essential for young people to dream big because that allows them to set goals.  That is what I want to do, set goals.  My dream is to compete in horse racing.  You can’t live life without goals.  Otherwise, you get nowhere.  So get out the there and set a direction for yourself!

A Poem for Tonight

Another hectic week of school has passed so I thought that I would post a poem for today.  I wrote this in my senior year poetry class.  I usually write poetry in free verse, but the assignment was to write a piece in meter, specifically  Anapestic Tetrameter.   Anapestic Tetrameter is a pattern of two short or unstressed  syllables followed by two stressed or long syllables.  I hope you enjoy it.

The ocean moves softly

Across the sand. A soft

Wind moves off of the sea.

The June sun beats upon

The beach. The birds there fly

To and fro. The waves sound

So calming and peaceful.


I walk down by the shore.

The strong hits my face.

Everything on my mind

Goes away and now I

Can focus on the day

That awaits fun and peace.

A Honest Friend

A friend and I were conversing on Facebook.  He graduated high school with me and I asked him what his disability was.  He also had cerebral palsy, but only one side of his body is affected.  We’re talking and he said that he has something to tell me.  One day in high school, he heard someone say, “I wouldn’t go near her”.  The guy who I’m friends with confronted him and says, “Next time I  hear you disrespect anybody like that, you will truly know how it feels to be handicapped”.  The guy backed down.

I truly believe that underestimation is the real disability.  Yes, I can’t walk or talk, but it’s not me with the immature mind and if  you can’t respect that, there’s the door because you’re the one with the learning disability and you’re unwilling to learn about the true me.  That is what I would say to a bully and then he would see a black room.  That is how I would handle a real bully.  Don’t be afraid to use force and blood if you’re bullied because that will stop the bully right away.  I’m sorry, I didn’t grow up learning to be passive resistant.  I stopped a lot of people from talking down to me and I wouldn’t tolerate a bully.  None of you should either.  And if you were bullied, I hope that you would show them the door too.

Sermon Reflection

It’s Sunday and I like to blog about Joel Osteen’s weekly sermons.  Today’s sermon was about frustration.  Everybody has frustration.  He was preaching about how to defeat frustration that any kind of relationship, parent-child relationships or even a friendship could cause.  I’m frustrated that my grandfather died last spring.  I lost my fishing buddy, study buddy and so much more.  Studying has become harder, but I am still plowing through.  A few people from my past didn’t treat me the best.  Multiple things have frustrated me.

Osteen said that if you go to bed frustrated, you’ll wake up frustrated and that is absolutely true.  I have done it multiple times and it has proven true every single time.  If a friend is being disrespectful to you, politely show them the door.  Let’s say that you’re frustrated with a bully at school and they wouldn’t stop.  In that case, you need to rise up above them and say, “I control my life, you don’t.  If you can’t respect that, there’s the door”.  And that should get them off your back.  If you’re frustrated with studying, use your stubbornness to get through that.  Control your emotions, don’t let them control you.