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A New Year, A New School

So I started a new school year at St. Thomas Acquinas College.  First and foremost, the people on campus are really nice.  The professors are really nice and the ones I have are really upbeat and fluid. I have met some really nice classmates.

Second, my classes are really interesting.  I like Adult Psychology the best because I am interested in how adults perceive life.  My least favorite is, well, Statistics.  I have to take it for my degree, but my professor makes it very understandable.  Thank goodness.  I have a really good religion professor.  Since I have no background knowledge of the Bible, but am very interested in it, he has a way to make me understand it.  I have a really vivacious Adult Psychology professor.  There is a lot of group work involved in the classroom.  Last but not least, my Software Topics, who I have not met since it is an on-line class, also seems really upbeat.  I am really doing well in the class.

Last but not least, thank goodness for my aide and family.    Because I take longer to complete assignments, they have  helped me speed up the homework process.  My aide helps me in school on break and at home on Mondays and Wednesdays with  reading or whatever I need help with.  It’s really working out well and a big thank you to her and my family.