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An Outrageous Conversation

I recall this one particular conversation that occurred on June 22, 2006. I was a seventh grader and it was the last day of school. No actual classes were held, just homeroom, or advisory as it was called. I went to my advisory and my aide leaves me in my wheelchair and I go hang with my ‘friends’; four 8th graders and one 6th grader. They decide to start a game of Slapjack and I ask to join the game. They say I can after they finish Round One. O.K., no problem. Round Two, they left me out again. I was furious.

We then went to two award assemblies; one hosted by school administration and one by our teachers. I didn’t get any awards at the first assembly, but at the second one, I got three or four awards from my teachers.

When I got back to advisory, something peculiar happened.

“Oh guys, we’re going to high school!” exclaimed one of the eighth grade girls.

“I know,” replied a sixth grader.

Three other eighth grade girls joined the conversation and the eighth grade guy joined them.

“Hey, you ready for high school?” a girl asked the guy.

The guy muttered something and the girls laughed.

I was infuriated that these people left me out of the conversation. The eighth graders included a sixth grader in the conversation and excluded me because of my disability. It engraved an everlasting memory in my heart.

Easter Poem

I thought I would post an Easter poem on here.  Happy Easter and God Bless.

Every new spring flower

Is like an Easter egg.  They

Are like the colorful rainbow

On God’s green Earth.  A

Garden is like the basket

The flowers sit in.


Some flowers are white for purity

And peace.  Our lily is for a pure

Life that will lighten when we

Ascend Into Heaven, our peaceful



Pink is for love.  This special

Kind of love is for all eternity.

God created pink tulips for

Love, truth and kindness.  It

Lasts for forty days and more.


Red hyacinths are for our Savior’s

Blood, love and passion.  His red

Blood saved us from eternal suffering

And it comes from His heart to form

Brotherly love with mankind. His red

Passion is greater than that of mankind.

He is passionate about saving all of us.


Tiger lilies are orange eggs because

They open as a new day dawn

And close at dusk.  They start

Everything that went wrong over.


Yellow is for carnations.  They

Bring happiness to life.  That is

God’s wish-for us, His children,

To be happy on Earth.  Carnations

Are like the golden eggs on Earth

That cheer people up.


The green egg is rare.  Created from

Blue and yellow, green roses give us

Hope, hope that we can carry on with

Life and be saved when it closes.


The blue hydrangea is a symbol of Heaven,

Our real home.  It is for a pure life here on

Earth.  It brings us hope for an eternal salvation

And a pure life after death.


The purple pansy is for loyalty to God and the

Son and the Holy Spirit.  We are devoted to them

Because they are the foundation of life.  Without them,

Life would be as fine as dust.  And because we are

Loyal to God, He, in turn, gives us wealth through

Nature, health and happiness.


We need to remember these flowers year-round because

They color our faith.  The rainbow of eggs shines from

Spring to summer and comes back year after year.  This

Is how we should love and honor God.  Do that and He

Will be happy.