Archive | February 2014

A Hard Worker

This week at school, I ran into a woman that I met once before.  We got talking about school and how things were going.  She’s an older woman trying to make a living for herself.  We got talking about Phi Theta Kappa because she knew I was in it.  She brought up the fact she was in it too.  I congratulate her and then she brings up the fact that she has five learning disabilities.

Five learning disabilities and on the international honor society?  Wow.  That must really take a lot of work and I thought I had difficulties.  I bet if you compare the grades of an average college student to a student with a student with any kind of disability, the one with the disability will work harder because of all they have to contend with.  That is not to say the average student doesn’t work hard.  It just means that people with disabilities have a tendency to work harder.