Archive | November 2013

A Fashion Complaint

I may not always be up to date on pop culture fashion and I’m not going to complain about it. But what I will say is this. Why are there a large amount of clothes to assist older people, but nothing for we young people who have trouble with our hands?

Take for example the elastic jeans you see on older people. Why can’t there be something like that but a little more stylish for the younger generation? I will admit that I can’t close my jeans by myself and other people with disabilities have the same issue. People talk about human rights all the time. Wouldn’t you say that being independent is a basic human right?

This is just my opinion. How come you have laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act that demand equal access to public places like the town library or the bakery, but you don’t have laws that demand clothing companies like Karen Scott or Gloria Vanderbilt to make easy slip-on blouses or jeans? It may seem like an infringement on company rights, but in my opinion, it would level our society even more. Please let me know how you feel about this issue.

Update from Heather

I am so sorry for not blogging in two months. It has been a hectic semester. Between the college search and my four classes, I feel swamped with work. And in addition, I’m trying to write, yes, another book. Let’s start from the beginning.

School is going good. I am going strong with my four classes. There is a lot of homework this semester. The professors are ok. I am enjoying Art Appreciation the most. The Art professor is tranquil and easygoing. He gives written homework a couple of times a unit and it is always based on your opinion. He seems really chill about accepting other people’s opinions, not like the Art teachers you see on T.V. where everything is based solely on the books. I was afraid of that at the beginning, but I like him. He gives open book quizzes and me and my friend like that.

The other professors are ok. I mean, the subjects are interesting, but they don’t really make it interesting. But I am making friends in two classes. I am getting along. The upside is that there is a lot of writing, which is my strong point.

I had an incident in Short Story where we had to answer questions about two stories that we had to read for class in a group and I said to my classmates, “Please be patient. I use a computer to communicate.” I was trying to answer the question they were on. They ignored me and I said it again. Nothing worked. The same thing happened to me that same day in the last class. I was frustrated and outraged.

It’s funny how we change over the years. I have recently asked Access VR for a word prediction program because I love to write and I’m getting tired of typing every single character out. I have recently been trying to write stories and I had to stop because I figured I’d get further with a predictor. Fourteen years of stubbornness has had its positives, but typing does wear me out. Let this teach you a lesson. Use whatever assistive technology you can use. Don’t do what I did and turn it down. It’ll help you in the long run.