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Summer Is a Bummer

I’m still sitting home without a job. Almost a month has gone by and I’m doing nothing. I’m writing a lot, but that’s part of my day. The other part is spent by watching T.V., reading or talking to friends.

Although, I did handle my first advocacy case. A girl with Down syndrome in my area got denied for a summer program for people with disabilities. She loves the program and it greatly helps her. But the school refuses to pay for it because they’re too concerned  about summer enrichment programs. In my opinion, the school system is going downhill. If a  child loves a camp, then send her and offer less summer enrichment programs. Otherwise, the child will be bored all summer and since it’s an educational camp, she won’t be able to review what she learned in  school.

Job Wanted

I’m looking for a volunteer job for when I’m on break from school in the Monroe, Harriman or any other local area. I can work on the computer very well and love data entry and archiving. Can anyone recommend a place I can work?

Thank you

Hello Summer

I took two summer courses this past month. I took Lifespan and Development and Intro to Journalism. Let me tell ya-summer classes are very tedious.

Journalism was an online class. The requirements were commenting on two weekly blogs, reading the textbook and writing an article. It was a lot of work.

Lifespan and Development was also tedious. We covered four chapters per week, had four tests-3 in class and one take-home test and one book report. It was also very stressful. But the professor was very good.

I did very good in both classes. My advice to you is if you have a dream to finish college-great. But take your time. If summer courses are too much, don’t fret. You’ll finish at your own pace.