Archive | May 2013

Checking Out Colleges

So I started looking at different colleges for after I graduate Rockland Community College. I’m considering 3 colleges within driving distance from my house. I visited two of them and I’ve got one more to check out. One of them is relatively small, but has very good quality education. If I go there, I can get my Bachelor’s degree in psychology and then my Master’s degree in social work from NYU.

The other college was huge. It also has good quality education. If I go there, I would get my BA in social work, but then I’d have to transfer to get my Master’s.

It’s going to be a tough decision. If anybody is dealing with the same dilemma as me, weigh the ups and downs of each school. If you’re commuting, decide what school is more convenient for you. If you have mobility issues, make sure the college is accessible. Lastly, if you have special needs, make sure the college can accommodate you.

A New Friend

I went to my last two support group meetings with a friend. I met him at the hospital’s Valentine’s Day dance. We started talking and he asked if he could go with me to my April meeting. I accepted and he met me there. We had fun so I invited him to my May meeting and we had a better time. I am truly blessed to have met him because he’s really good to me.

Other people can make good friends too. They just have to get out there and meet people. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll make a real good friend.

Scholarship Ceremony

The other night, I went to a scholarship ceremony. A lot of recipients attended, about 80 to 100 people attended. There were a few quick congratulation speeches then the awards started being handed out. A few people that I knew from grade school were there too.

The awards ranged from veterans to people with disabilities. It was about a 2 hour ceremony and some people got multiple awards. I started to wonder if I was going to get anything. Finally, the director of accessibility services gave out her stack of her scholarships and one of them was mine worth $700.

I’m grateful that I was able to try for some scholarships because every bit helps pay for an education. Anyone in any situation is eligible for a scholarship-they just have to try for it and maybe they’ll get something.

A Painful Experience

So I sprained my ankle last Monday. I fell and twisted my right ankle. Boy, let me tell you-it hurt like a son-of-a-gun. It became very hard for me to walk. For the first week, I needed my manual chair in the house. The pain eventually lessened and I am slowly regaining the ability to walk.

Don’t let an injury ruin your life no matter how severe it is.  Whether you break a leg or become a T5 quad, life is still livable. You should be thankful you’re alive. Do that and everything will work out.