Archive | April 2013

Induction Ceremony

I got inducted into Phi Theta Kappa Tuesday night. What a lovely night that was.

There were a few great speakers. Their speeches were short and to the point. The last one though was drawn out. I mean, she had good intentions, but she just rambled on and on about the innovation of technology. She just got boring to listen to, in my opinion anyway. Other than that, the ceremony was enjoyable.

I was the first one to receive my award. I went up there and got congratulated by five or six people, including the president of the college. Then the other students received their awards. Let me put the significance of the award in prospective for you. The college has approximately 8,000 students and only 1% of the student body got inducted into Phi Theta Kappa. One percent…that’s it. Now comes the hard part-staying in the honor society.

Other people with disabilities should be more aggressive about succeeding in life. Too many of them sit around feeling sorry for themselves. If more people with disabilities succeeded, America would be a better place.

A Crazy Week

It was a hectic week this week besides it being my birthday on Tuesday. First, I had to register for summer classes so that I can graduate next spring. Then I had to do my fall and summer classes. I’m taking one online class, Intro to Journalism, and one on campus, Life Span and Development. I’m really looking forward to both my summer classes.

For the fall, I’m taking 4 classes. I’m taking State and Local Government, Art Appreciation,  Studies of Short Stories and Modern Fiction. It may seem tedious, but it seems like an interesting group of classes. Filling that fourth time slot was tough since I didn’t know what to take. First, my adviser suggested a music class, but then I switched it to Modern Fiction. I’m looking forward to it.