Archive | February 2013

Ready or Not Publishers

Okay…manuscript done. All I need now is a cover and synopsis.

I am now looking into a publishing company. This is the hard part-getting published. Everything has to be just right-attractive title, interesting context, good messages within the poems…a lot of things are considered in the publishing process.

I hope my book sells well. It’s my dream to be a published author and see my work impact tens of thousands of people. If more people in similar situations to mine told the world about their troubles, the world might be a better place.

Losing a Companion

I recently had a death in my family. We had our dog put down. His name was Rocky. Rocky was a brindle boxer, very lovable dog. He was very close to me and he was always there for me.

Rocky was good with everybody. When my great-grandma lived with us, he never jumped on her because he knew she was very fragile. However, he was very rambunctious with everyone else. Whenever Grandma walked me from room to room, he would bark and pull at my pants.

There are a lot of other wonderful memories I have of Rocky. Even though he’s gone, I sill have wonderful memories of him to look back on. When people lose a loved one,  they should grieve, but also remember the good times.