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My Return to School

Last Tuesday was the start of the Spring 2013 semester for me. I had a really interesting day.

The first class went fine. The history professor went over the syllabus and started  the curriculum. He started lecturing on what civilization is and talked about that for about forty-five minutes. After that, I had to get reloaded onto the ambulette and go to the annex for Children’s Literature.

The annex is located 20 minutes from the main campus. It’s located in an old neighborhood. Transportation back and forth wasn’t the issue, getting in the building was. There was ice at the foot of the ramp going up to the door and no other way to get in. So my aide and driver had to push me in my powerchair over the ice just to get me into the building. And then, my aide tells someone about the problem, and they say it’s the town’s responsibility. My aide told them off, either they clean it or they get the town to do it. When we got out of class, the guy had that spot cleared and was friendly to us.

Children’s Lit flew by and the professor seemed interesting. He went over the syllabus and explained the layout of the class, which seemed interesting. We’ll be discussing lots of texts ranging from how fairy tales affect kids to texts enjoyed by young kids. Then the professor rambled on about his love for motorcycles and acting.

My last class, Intro to the Human Body also went well, but started out rough. I’m sitting in the classroom, waiting for class to start. People start to enter and they stare at me as if I didn’t belong there, which by the way really ticked me off. So to make myself look good, when the professor asked a question, I raised my hand and answered it and after that, nobody stared at me again. On the contrary, my professor loved my Dynavox.

All in all, it was a good day.

Back To School

Well, a very eventful winter break is coming to an end. I had a really good time off from school between seeing friends and work.

I saw my friend from college two more times after Christmas. We went to a Christmas dinner and that was fun. My friend from high school was hosting it and it turned out to be a social group so I joined. I went to the meeting last Saturday and enjoyed it. Then he came up for his birthday and had dinner with us.

I saw my other friend from high school over break and we went to lunch. It was so good to catch up after not seeing each other for a few months. Then, I saw my old aide the next day and she also took me to lunch. It was nice to see both of them.

For the last two weeks, I worked doing data entry at a museum. I enjoyed seeing everybody again. Now it’s back to school next week. Wish me luck!

Poetry Book Update

I have added more poems to my book. I’m now up to 24 poems and I hope to wrap it up soon.

I am just excited to complete my own piece of  literature that I hope to publish. I first need to find a publisher. It would be like a dream come true if I did get published. But it may take 500 revisions of my manuscript to get published. So who knows. Once I published, I hope to influence my reader’s base.

Always strive for your goals. Don’t give up just because you’re afraid you won’t attain your goal. Just work toward it and you’ll reach it.