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I think I finally decided on a definite career for myself. Ever since I was little, I wanted to become an author and write books. I’ve stuck with my writing and now I want to write books as a career.

Aside from being an author, I want to be a disability advocate. I want to advocate for people with severe physical disabilities. I think it’s the perfect career for me since I already advocate via blog. And I’ve always been interested in law so being an advocate is perfect for me.

Today I had an exciting riding lesson. I did 3 or 4 great posting trots and I was able to post the entire length of the arena. My instructor was shocked and she said that I mastered the posting trot and was ready for the next level.

After my lesson, I submitted an editorial that I wrote for Winslow’s monthly newspaper. My instructor read it and loved it. I’m hoping it will go in the paper.

My name is Heather Klippel. I have choreoathetoid cerebral palsy and I’ve been riding at Winslow for two years. I have limited ability to walk, talk and use my hands properly. However, I’m a cowgirl at heart-I love horseback riding and Winslow has really helped me gain independence on the horse.

Before Winslow, I rode horses, but my instructor got hurt and I needed another instructor. My friends recommended Winslow so I went there and I met Cathe. Cathe and I automatically became best friends and she has taught me so much. She helped me improve my posting and learn to ride by myself.

The most important things I gained from Winslow are the better control of the horse, the reduction of my excess movements and the better use of my legs and hands. I think going to Winslow was a godsend for me because I am learning so much from Cathe and I’ve made so many friends there. It’s one of the places I call my home away from home.

I went to my meeting last night. I must say that even though it was a small group, the people there were very kind and understanding. We just introduced ourselves since I was new to the group. Actually, these adults had been injured in car accidents or were paralyzed. It was a small group due to the weather, but we still had some interesting conversations. I think I’ll meet some good people there.

Well, tomorrow is the big day-the day I start my support group. I’m so excited to attend the meeting. I look forward to meeting my group members. I love socializing with new people and this is a great opportunity for me to do so. I’m hoping it’s as enjoyable as I expect. Wish me luck…

I just got home from riding. I volunteered to ride today because a group of therapists were there to observe how the place does hippotherapy. I went and enjoyed it. The lesson was different from what I’m used to, but it was still fun. I was doing walking, trotting, circles around the barrel, posting and reaching exercises. The audience was impressed. The instructor wasn’t the one I usually work with so she was amazed at how good I did. As I was walking around the arena, I looked to my right and to my surprise, my father was standing next to my grandma. I didn’t expect him to be there.

After I got off, the therapists wanted to see me walk. I was helped out of the arena and once on sturdy ground, I walked to the door by myself. The therapists were so proud of me. I enjoyed demonstrating for them. I wish I’d do this more often.

I just got home from a fishing trip with my grandparents. We went to a fishing resort in Deposit, NY, and for the most part, it was nice. We stayed in a log cabin motel which was nice. I actually didn’t mind living in a one-bedroom house at all.

This resort was very close to Pennsylvania. Last night, we were looking for a nice diner to eat at since we didn’t enjoy where we ate at Monday night. We found an elegant-looking restaurant in Pennsylvania. We went in, sat down and one of the servers asks my grandparents if I need a child’s menu. I really wish people would stop underestimating people with disabilities. That’s my one pet peave. We don’t deserve to be treated that way. It’s wrong and needs to stop.

I’m almost half way done with my book outline. But let me tell you this-outlining a single short story takes time and screw-ups are almost inevitable. I’ve tried to take real-life experiences and write stories about them, but some had so many details that the story lines needed modifications. I wrote an outline for my tenth story, Katie’s Struggle, and I originally wanted to show how the main character Katie was treated by a guy on her bus versus how her friend at lunch treated her. I started doing the outline for it and felt that too many details were involved. So I changed it to where Katie compares how her friend at lunch treats her to how other people she knows treat her. Had I incorporated the guy on the bus, readers probably would lose interest in the story.

I have outlined two stories, 10 to go. Wish me luck.

I got scared this morning.

I was getting ready for work and I didn’t see my Dynavox in the office where it normally charges. My grandparents and I hunt the house for it. It’s nowhere in the house. I start to panic and think it was stolen.

We then realize that my laptop wasn’t put away. We take it out to the car and Grandma goes to put it in the case. Something is in my case. It was my Dynavox. Grandma put it in the case instead of the laptop.

People should have their communication devices covered under warranty just in case something happens to it whether it gets broken or stolen. These products are very expensive and deserve to be protected.