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I’m a follower of Sara Pyszka’s blog. I was reading her May 24 blog and I was inspired to tell people what it’s like for me what it’s like not to have a backup device.

I guess I was a junior in high school. I’ve had my Dynavox VMAX for 3 years. I’ve noticed it was malfunctioning. Pages were missing and other problems were starting to occur. We had to send it in.

I had no backup device. Instead, I had to use my communication board in school. Communication at home was no big deal since I use sign language with my family, but I felt voiceless at school. The Dynavox is my voice. Without it, I feel like my mouth is taped. I’m so dependent on it that I feel lost without it.

Everybody who has an augmentative device needs a means of communication to fall back on. I had my communication board to use in school and sign language to use at home. Pyszka had an extra device. No matter how you communicate, you need a second way to express yourself. Don’t think you can be silent until the problem is fixed. Communication is vital for survival and people need to express their needs. Otherwise, nobody can help them.

I finally joined the group mentioned in my previous post. I received the group newsletter yesterday and the meetings are 6-8 p.m. on the third Wednesday of every month. There are a lot of people in this group and I think I’ll enjoy it. They seem to do a variety of activities. For example, they will be having speakers talking for about different topics and then members can socialize. I’m looking forward to next month’s meeting since this month’s is cancelled.

I found a support group for people of all ages down in Rockland County, NY. It’s at a rehab hospital and there’s an adaptive sports program down there. The guy who coordinates the sports program down there also runs a group strictly for people with physical disabilities. I’m looking into it and hopefully I’ll join it.

I’m making another attempt at writing a book. This time, I’m doing a series of 13 short stories of situations that kids with disabilities run into from kindergarten to their senior year of high school.  I have a story already written about 7th grade which I wrote many moons ago. It’s based upon a real-life incident that happened to me, but I gave all the characters different names and I tweeked the ending. I am considering using that story in my book. I hope this book can open people’s eyes to what it’s like for kids with disabilities to grow up.

I’m still looking for a recreational group for physically handicapped young adults. I haven’t been able to find one in Orange County, NY. Does anybody know of a group in Orange County, NY? I’d really appreciate the help.


I’m looking for a recreational group to join. I want to get out there and meet new people. I’m thinking of joining a group for young adults with disabilities. There are many groups available and I’d like to join one. Does anybody know of a group in Orange County, New York? I’m looking for a group where people get together and talk, have parties and do social activities like dances and fundraisers. I really would appreciate the help.

Thank you.

I’m feeling a little sad lately. I broke up with my first boyfriend about a year ago. We went out for a year and 7 months. We both had issues and yet we had so much in common. He couldn’t walk, but had good use of his hands. He had a heart of gold, but sometimes I’d ask him to go somewhere with me and he’d turn my offer down. I broke up with him thinking I’d find somebody who’d do everything with me, but nobody has shown any interest in me yet. I just hope somebody comes around one day.

Yesterday at the mall, a lady came up to me because she was interested in my Dynavox. I talked to her for awhile and her daughter who’s around my age is not mentally developed. She uses an app on her iPad to communicate. On her app, the words have pictures. Then, the lady mentioned that she works for a place that helps people with disabilities. She took my website address and her company might be able to link into my website.