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What a frustrating week I had at work. On Tuesday, I got to work. I had my joystick, but no keyboard. So my grandfather drove home to get it, but returns with my other joystick. At that point, I took work home to do. Yesterday, I got to work two hours and then my laptop died. I had to take the work home again. I took work home because I am willing to go above and beyond for my job. Other people should do that too.

A year ago today, I graduated high school. Finally, after 13 years of grade school, I was out and free to steer my life by myself.

Graduation day started at 8:45 a.m. in the gymnasium. We all were called down from the bleachers and were seated in alphabetical order and we were assigned rooms where we would line up alphabetically and enter the gym. Everybody sat alphabetically by last name. As soon as everybody was situated, the principal explained the graduation procedure to us and then, we practiced the flow of receiving the diplomas. Then we practiced outside. After returning to the gym, there were throws given to us by the All Night Grad Party committee.

I went home at around 11:30. I rested a few hours then got ready for the ceremony. Excitement filled my veins as I put on my cap and gown. I couldn’t wait to receive my diploma. Dad arrived and we took pictures.

We left the house at around 4:30. I met my aide at the front of the school. We went to the room where we lined up. It was a long wait before we entered the gym, but excitement swelled up in my soul. It was slow, but when we entered the gym, the room was filled with hundreds of people. Music played as we entered the gym and took our seats.

There was speech after speech before the valedictorian and salutatorian spoke. Both speeches were very well written. After that, names started being called row by row and as the next row went up, the previous row went up. Names were called quickly and after awhile, I told my aide I wanted to use my walker. She got me into it and when my name was called, I walked over and as I was walking, the graduates and families stood up simultaneously and gave me a standing ovation. Even the people in the audience stood. I was so amazed at the congratulations I got. I guess I never realized the impression I had on my class. As I walked down the ramp, my picture was taken. On my way back to my seat, somebody stood up to congratulate me once again.

The calling of names continued. Once the ceremony was over, I tried to throw my cap in the air but my aide kept fixing it. After that and receiving my diploma, which was not in the room but upstairs, she gave me white roses.

We headed back to the house and my family was over and my aide came over for a bite to eat. I left with her for the all night party at quarter to 11. I stayed until 2 a.m. After leaving the party, my life without strings began and the wheel was in my hands.

I’ve been feeling a little insecure of myself. I’ve been talking to somebody about it. The person I’m talking to told me not to worry about what other people think of me. The people who know me see what is on the inside. The others who don’t see the inside of me are worthless. Other people in my situation should ignore those who can’t see their insides.

Last Sunday, I went to a concert. The place at which I ride at was doing a fundraiser. Three different groups sang and as a contribution, each group was selling CDs of the songs they sang along with T-shirts. For every item sold, $5 went to the therapeutic riding facility. I enjoyed the first group, but didn’t care for the other two. I enjoyed myself   and I saw some friends of mine. It was a lot of fun.

It has occurred to me that the availability of special education services in some school districts is declining. People would rather see sports be available than extra curricular activities and good quality education. People would rather see that football star be able to keep playing football than see a student with a disability get a high school diploma. That’s not right. Kids in special education have many talents from being able to work with their hands to being able to write well. A good future starts with a good education and special education is needed for success in school.

People make friends all the time. People include their friends in all kinds of activities. People with disabilities also need somebody to hang with. However, they need to open themselves to others. People with disabilities can’t wait for others to come to them. They need courage to start conversations with others too.

I have received comments complimenting my blog. I also have received others condemning it, saying was boring. I try my best to advocate for a better world for people with disabilities. People that condemn my blog aren’t going to change the purpose of this blog.

Yesterday I went fishing with my grandparents. What a fun and exciting day it was. I caught 4 bass and 6 sunnies. That’s the most I’ve ever caught-one right after the other! While we were fishing, a girl who graduated a year ahead of me came over to talk to me. It was very nice of her to acknowledge me and it was a fun day.