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We as Americans celebrate Mother’s Day. We celebrate Father’s Day. But what about a day to honor people with disabilities? These people not only have enough issues to deal with, but need a day to celebrate themselves and anyone else they know who is disabled. Some famous people like Helen Keller were disabled and advocated for the better. She, among many others should be honored.

Today at riding, I was riding by myself. I was going across the arena when my horse quickly lowered his head. I almost toppled over and fell off. However, I managed to maintain my balance and stay on the horse.

Some people with disabilities have the potential to go to college. Others may decide they don’t have the potential for a higher education. Those who decide not to go to college but have the brains for further education are underestimating themselves. If the person has the brains for college, they should go. Otherwise, intelligence is being wasted.

Today I received a package in the mail. I opened it and there’s a drawing of me in a frame. A follower of my blog had a portrait of me drawn. Attached was a note saying how inspirational I was to them. It made me feel so good to know that I had such an impact on one person. I hope I can inspire more people with my blog.

I am enjoying summer vacation. Time off always is a pleasure. However, it can get boring. To prevent getting bored all summer, I suggest a lot of young people especially those with disabilities get active within their communities. Lend a helping hand to non-profit organizaions. They’d greatly appreciate the help. I’m working two jobs this summer because I’m willing to devote my time to doing some community service. If I can do it, others can do it too.

Hooray! Today was my last day of classes. What an exhausting, but great day!  My diversity class was a dragger. The professor was asking the class what they learned this semester and the class was dead silent. Somebody finally answered him. He then gave out a summer reading list and rambled on about that.

In English, I received great news. All semester long, we had to submit our papers through the college’s online system and the last paper done at home was the research paper and  to my surprise, I aced it. Then, we did an in-class writing assignment, which made me flustered because we did it online and after a few minutes, it times out. It timed out on me and I lost part of it. I had to rewrite some of it.

Finally, I had my psychology final. I feel I did great.

Being handicapped doesn’t mean you can’t do certain things. You just need to work harder than everybody else.

I will have completed my first year of college as of Tuesday. Last semester, I took 3 classes. This semester, however, I took 4. I took Pluralism and Diversity, English 101, General Psychology and walking. I’m confident I did well. And now, summer vacation starts Wednesday. I’m not taking summer courses, but I’m working at my church.