Archive | March 2012

A few weeks ago,  I had an incident with my diversity professor. He asked a question and I raised my hand to answer. I was typing the answer into my Dynavox when he answered for me. I was outraged. I said something to him the next class and he apologized. He said he was an impatient man. A man teaching diversity but has no patience with people with disabilities? Maybe he should take Pluralism and Diversity himself.

Yesterday was my Pluralism and Diversity midterm. I find that class tedious, but I think I passed. The professor let the entire class use one sided index card, which really helped me. I think I did well. It took me 4 hours to do the test due to my poor hand coordination. The test consisted of multiple choice, vocabulary, 4 short answer and one long essay.

I have my Pluralism and Diversity midterm Thursday…so nervous. Thank goodness my professor does a lot of extra credit because I don’t do well on his pop quizzes. I hope to do well.

My musical library is huge. It ranges from soft classical music and Celtic folk to hillbillies like Gene Autry to modern country music. It never stops expanding. I also like patriotic music. All these types of music comfort me at different times. I listen to country-western music at night. Maybe at Christmas time, I’ll listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concerts on TV per se. Come March, I might listen to The Irish Tenors. I guess my variation of music depends on my mood. However, overall I like music for relaxation. Rock never seems to suit me. I’m not into such loud tastes of music. Same with teen pop. Adult pop, I don’t know about. I love soft, light music. I have all my favorite hits on my ipod. What music do you like?