Archive | February 2012

I met up with an old friend this week at school. I went to summer camp with him. He then became a camp counselor. He went to college first at Rockland Community College then transferred to Ramapo. I ran into him in the hall while waiting for English to start. After class, we talked while I ate lunch. It was nice seeing him.

A few days ago, I went to the Office of Disabilities to get notes from a notetaker in psychology because I was absent the time before. I asked the lady at the front desk for the  notes and another woman who also works in the office comes in from  another room and says that I’m not eligible for the notes. That’s fine, but the lady behind the desk should’ve told me as opposed to the other lady interrupting our conversation. People should think before they speak.

I hope everybody had a nice Valentine’s Day. Showing love is important, especially to the elderly and disabled  because it makes them feel good to know that people love them and care about them. They are sometimes lonely and need compassion.

I experienced an unusual act of kindness once that I probably won’t see again. We were at Ramapo Saddlery in Jersey looking at riding helmets. I was fitted for one and it fit perfectly. Problem was, we didn’t have enough money to buy it. Well, a lady comes along and gives us the extra money to buy it. Never have I seen somebody perform such a spontaneous act for me or anybody else for that matter. It was truly amazing.

I’ve been very stressed adjusting to my new schedule. I have 3 classes on Tuesday and Thursday and 1 afternoon class on Monday and Wednesday. This week, however, I can’t go tomorrow because my aide has somewhere to go and there is no walking on Wednesday. Although it’s a lot of work, I’m loving college.