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Yesterday I went out to lunch with my aide from grade school. I haven’t seen her in a few months. We went to the local diner and had a ball. We ate lunch and caught up on things like school. Afterwards, we went back to my house and exchanged gifts. I love having somebody like her to do stuff with. It gives me something to look forward to. Some people forget or don’t bother because I can’t go out like they can. She is not embarrassed to help me eat in public; most people might be uncomfortable feeding someone like  me in public.

Today I went to lunch with a friend who was my bus attendant for many years. We went to a small diner called Crossroads. This woman has a daughter with a learning disability and boy does she work hard. She works at a school for people with all sorts of disabilities and helps out a boy on the side. She’s a wonderful example of how a woman with a disability made something of herself. More people should make something of themselves.

A foreign language is definitely reasonable in college. Some people might decide to study abroad while others might need to know another language for their jobs. Those classes not only teach the language, but they also might discuss the culture of which the language is spoken. I hope to take either Spanish or Italian along the line. I’m not crazy over French. I’m considering Spanish or Italian because I studied Spanish in high school and is closely related to Italian. Studying a language also comes in handy for socializing with a foreigner and building vocabulary. Truthfully, I miss taking Spanish because I was interested in it. My favorite Spanish teacher was the one I had in freshman year of high school. I really liked his method of teaching. I didn’t like how my Spanish teacher in sophomore year taught though. For some reason, I couldn’t grasp onto her lessons. However, I hope to do better in college. My 7th grade Spanish teacher was my 2nd favorite Spanish teacher. I liked how she taught.

There are definitely challenges in high school, whether they’re major or minor ones. However, many challenges can be either avoided or overcome. I find that many problems are related to either self-esteem or peer pressure. For example, as a high-school student, I was, and still am, a hard worker. I would stay focused in class and do all my homework. I despised the ones who didn’t do the work or disrupted the teachers during class, especially subs. My World Lit and Women in Lit classes during senior year fit into this category. Aside from having a lousy teacher, the kids were brutally chaotic. These pinheads obviously behaved this way and disrespected the teacher out of peer pressure, not self-esteem. I truly have zero tolerance for anyone who mistreats any teacher. My advice to any incoming freshman is don’t follow the crowd. The crowd is full of immature minds that don’t have sensible mannerism. Instead, let your heart guide you down the right path.

Now, a problem in school due to low self-esteem is an entirely different story. Take me for example. I have a problem with taking a text, like Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, and reading between the lines. I read that play in junior year and I couldn’t grasp that text for the life of me. That very same year, I had to take the English Regents. I had anticipated whether I’d pass that nightmare of a class or not. That lowered my self-esteem even further, causing more stress. I eventually got a tutor and she taught that if I thought positive, the outcome would be positive. Sure enough, thanks to her, I got an 88 on my English Regents. So don’t let your hopes drown when there’s more ahead.

Hooray! I just received 2 out of 3 grades for this semester. For American History, I got a B+. In Math, I got an 86. I’m just happy I passed. And I’m quite positive I passed Effective Writing. All in all, it was a good semester. Now, it’s time for some rest and relaxation! Just remember one  thing; never give up on anything especially education. Every grade  is worth the fight.

Here’s an interesting story of giving. I experienced an unusual act of kindness one day that I probably won’t see again. We were at Ramapo Saddlery in Jersey looking at riding helmets. I was fitted for one and it fit perfectly. Problem was, we didn’t have enough money to buy it. It was $300. Well, a lady named Helen comes along and gives us the extra $100 to buy it. Never have I seen somebody perform such a spontaneous act for me or anybody else for that matter. It was truly amazing.

Christmas is a very memorable time of year. Let me share with you my favorite memory.

It was December 2010 and the Klippels were getting ready for Christmas. Aunt Sydney was having Christmas dinner at her new house for the first time ever! The days prior to December 25th were full of excitement. I remember helping bake and all that fun stuff. I also remember sitting down with Grandpa to watch Christmas shows like the Nutcracker and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

We went to midnight mass at Sacred Heart with Dad, Kim, dad’s girlfriend, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sydney, my cousin Britney and Uncle Peter. Sacred Heart has a very good choir. A few people I know were in it. The service was very nice.

Christmas Day was great. We did our gift exchange and then, we got ready to meet the rest of our family at Aunt Sydney’s house. We played Wii, which was hysterical. We played a dancing game where  everybody imitated dance move from a character. It was funny watching my relatives dance. And then, we exchanged gifts and ate a delicious turkey dinner with desserts.

Hopefully, it’ll be just as fun this year.

Tomorrow’s my math final-so nervous. I’m taking Math 102 and it’s quite a challenge. The   good thing is that I don’t have math next semester. I think I’ll do good. I did most of my homework. All homework assignments were done online through the Hawkes Learning System. HLS is a program that connects to the professor’s grade book and you have the textbook from the same company on there along with the lessons you need to certify in order to get homework credit. It’s pretty cool. I think I did well this semester.

Hooray-it’s Christmas week! I love Christmas week-families get together, gifts are  exchanged and good wishes are spread. I also enjoy going to midnight mass and listening to the choir. Christmas is the best season to appreciate all that you have and be with  family and friends. As a Catholic, I firmly believe that people have a lot to offer this world and at Christmas or throughout the year, they should give to others. This year,, donate to charity and make somebody else’s Christmas special.


Merry Christmas

As I wrap up my first semester at college, I  reflect upon many new memories. One of them is getting my very first study buddy. I took an American History course and the professor gave us take-home tests that were due in a few weeks. He gave us a suggestion to do these tests with a study buddy. I thought nothing about his suggestion. However, one day, I was leaving class and a young man from my class confronts me and  asks me to be his study buddy. Excitement flooded my veins. Nobody in the past has ever asked me to be their study buddy. But this guy ignored my disability and asked me. More people should ignore our disabilities and be our friends just like he did. It would make us feel good to meet good friends.