Unexpected Sunshine

Joel told a story of two baseball players.  They wondered if there was baseball up in Heaven.  They made an agreement that if one dies, he would tell the other guy the answer. Well, one of them dies and comes to his friend and says, “Yeah, there’s baseball in Heaven, but get ready because you’re pitching next Thursday”.

I was like, “Oh my goodness.  That’s too soon”.

I liked Joel Osteen’s sermon today since there were a lot of nature comparisons and I’m big into nature.  There was a period of depressing, gloomy weather in Houston.  Day after day it would rain without stopping.  One day, Joel looked out the window and saw a peak of sunshine and suddenly it cleared up.  That’s what life is like.  I’ll use my fire district for an example.  The fire company near me was in mediocre conditions before my Grandfather came to be president of Lakeside Fire Company.  I mean the company was in shambles.  No cooperation existed between the districts; no system of rescue was in place.  My Grandfather put into place a system where if one couldn’t respond to a fire, another company would go put it out.  The unexpected sunshine was combining districts and a better rescue team.  I hope that system continues so that he can rest in peace.

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