The Valley of Blessing

It’s Sunday and I would like to start the sermon reflection with a joke that Osteen told.  A man asked God what a million days was like to him.

God answered, “A million days is like a year to me”.

The guy went further and asked, “What is a penny like to you?”

God replied that a penny was like a million dollars to him.

So the man asked, “Can I have a penny?”

Osteen preached about the Valley of Blessings today.  Let me explain it like this.  People always get discouraged.  Maybe they got laid off, got sick, a friend moved away or some other tragedy happened.  Those dark times are only there temporarily, but brighter times are on their way.  The significant other left or the dog died.  Yes, but remember the table of abundance of food that God made for David after defeating Goliath.  It’s the same concept  here.  God will give you bigger better gifts than you had before.  So start expecting more than the past.  There is more greatness to life than you can ever imagine.

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