Summer Vacation

Well, it’s here.  I have officially finished the Spring semester and can relax.  Yesterday morning, I got up, checked my grades.  I had one class that I was really struggling with and I really wasn’t doing well on the tests and I thought that I was going to have to take it over.  So I get to checking my grades at eight in the morning, and to my surprise, that was the first grade in there and I gave a sigh of relief.  I passed the course!  My adrenaline rushed down to zero as I woke Grandma up with the exciting news.  I did alright this semester in my other classes and now I can relax.

I said to Grandma, “That was Grandpa helping me.”

“It certainly was,” she replied.

It was a tedious semester, but it’s all over.  Now I will be getting ready to take a nice vacation.

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