Starting With A New Aide

I am pleased to announce that I will be starting with my new aide next week. I have been waiting to start on community hab again for nine months. I interviewed an aide in April and it took a month to get her cleared. I understand that an aide should have to go through a background check, but I don’t understand why that should take a month.

State services take forever to be processed. We have thousands of people with disabilities without aides and nurses. We need aides and I’m here to advocate for that. We can’t continue not to serve people in need. I don’t like to see people suffer like this. Just look at the VA. Veteran, people and war heroes are not getting medical care because the VA can’t provide the care needed. It’s the same as not serving people with disabilities. We need to help them or they will suffer even more.

Please help someone in need today. Thank you.

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