Preparing For Graduation

My St. Thomas Aquinas College graduation is in ten days.  I’m getting very excited.  We are getting the dinner list confirmed, making dinner reservations.  And I am doing the girly preparations like choosing a graduation dress and hairstyle.

I always thought that attaining a Bachelor degree was so far off and impossible to do.  When I first started St. Thomas Aquinas College, my grandfather had just died.  I remember asking myself if I should drop out and get a job to support my grandmother and I.

I’ll never forget how my grandmother responded to that question.  She said, “No.  He would want you to finish school.”

And so I did.  On May 12, 2017, I will graduate with a BS in psychology from St. Thomas Aquinas College.  I am really excited as the semester ends and I have time to relax.

Congratulations to the Classes of 2017

One thought on “Preparing For Graduation

  1. Heather I am so very proud of you. You were always my inspiration, since the first day I met you. Congratulations for your accomplishments. Please say hello to your grandmother for me. Your grandfather is smiling down on you. I wish you every success in like.

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