New Wheelchair

I got my new wheelchair today. Its red chrome sparkles like a new car with wheels clean as a newly paved road in the summer. The cushions are charcoal black. It has arm supports. I really love it and I have been waiting months for it. I was measured for it in August and didn’t get it until today.

OK I know that I have a small world and I know insurance is a good thing, but they take a really long time to process medical equipment and that sucks. I mean, what if this had been an emergency? Not that it was, but still, what would they do? Delay paying for it? Thankfully, my father and his girlfriend took out a loan to get it, but we are starting to have to pay out of pocket for our medical equipment. Is that fair? I don’t think so. I think that’s a part of American society that needs to be fixed, and fast. Otherwise, we will have a mess with insurance and we don’t deserve that. This is affecting me and I don’t like it. Our insurance should be covering medical equipment among other stuff. It should not be our responsibility to pay for these things. I hope that this system gets fixed and our society gets back on track.

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