My Experience with Clubs

I’m trying to get more well-rounded in society.  It is very tedious without a second aide, which I am working very hard to get.  Ad after ad.  Nothing is coming up.  I have tried clubs in grade school and I didn’t do them for a long time.  Now that I am in the paralegal program, I’m interested in going to more events.

I did some clubs in grade school.  I did two years as a Brownie Girl Scout and two years and some change as a junior Girl Scout.  That was pretty fun especially when I sold the cookies.  I would eat box after box of Tag-a-longs.  I quit to focus on horseback riding (stupidly).  Then, I did the school store in middle school.  That was fun.  And then, in my junior year of high school, I joined Teen Outreach.  I didn’t realize that it was to get hours for the New York State Comprehensive diploma and I just did it to socialize.  But I kicked my butt for not putting my hours in and even at that,  I got the Regents diploma.

In my last semester of the Associates, I did a poetry club and that was my favorite.  I loved to write a new poem each  week.  And then, I tried doing the Odyssey at St. Thomas Aquinas College, but I couldn’t keep up with it and schoolwork simultaneously.  I had to quit.  I did the newspapers for my high school and St. Thomas Aquinas College.  They were fun.

I am hoping that throughout the paralegal program that I can commit to the paralegal club.  I went to the club two weeks ago and enjoyed it.  But it is in the evening and sometimes Dad works nights.  Here is when I really could use an aide.  I would love to do the Mock Trial at the end of the semester.  They had a notary seminar last week and I wish I could have gone.  I’m spreading the word on my blog.  I need an aide.  If any of my readers are interested, please email me through the website.


Thank you

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